Anelka says “‘kin ‘ell” live on Quenelle Plus

Promises to stop doing controversial 'cinnamon challenge' celebration.

Cannelle/cinnamon, as used in celebration by Nicolas Anelka
Cannelle… Challenging (Image: Luc Viatour)

It is being reported that Nicolas Anelka has sworn live on French television channel Quenelle Plus while defending his controversial ‘cannelle’ celebration.

The celebration, controversial, involves forcing each opposition player in turn to do the cinnamon challenge, a process which lasts on average for ten minutes and leaves both opponents and onlookers quite, quite shaken.

In a shock twist, Anelka is now doubly in l’eau chaud having uttered a profanity at the beginning of an exclusive interview with Quenelle Plus.

The exchange in question went as follows:

QP – “Tu es vraiment dans la maison du chien encore une fois, Nicolas.”

NA – “C’est vrais? ‘Kin ‘ell.”

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Anelka watched the incident back and chuckled to himself.

He said, still chuckling: “What a delightful little misunderstanding.

“You see, Quenelle Plus informed me that my controversial ‘cannelle’ celebration has landed me once again in the dog house, ‘la maison du chien’.

“So what I actually said was ‘kennel’. You know, like what a dog lives in and that.

“Zoopla, if you’re reading this, please understand that I was just saying ‘kennel’ and I’m not a fascist, at least not as much as my mate Dieudonné.

“He’s well funny.”

Anelka added that this was the first time he’d ever chuckled, and that oh yeah he’ll stop shoving teaspoonsful of powdered cinnamon dans les bouches of opposition players.