Anelka and Lazio “met on dating website”

The Frenchman has been dans l'eau chaud for saying "'kin 'ell" live on Quenelle Plus.

Nando's, as shared by Nicolas Anelka and Lazio
Nando’s… Romantic (Image: Shovan Sargunam)

Controversial West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka met his prospective new employers Lazio on a dating website, it has been blabbed.

The Frenchman, French, has recently found himself dans l’eau chaud for saying “‘kin ‘ell” while speaking live to national television station Quenelle Plus.

According to reports, he then sank a few Kir Royales after the transmission and embarked on a “bizarre rant” about how Jews are watching us, always, even right now, at least that’s what this comedian told him anyway.

Taking to a dating website in search of new friends, Anelka listed his interests as “anti-Zionist conspiracies, long walks in the rain, and divisive salutes”, most of which rather appealed to Serie A giants Lazio.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Anelka revealed that he’d had a lovely time going for a Nando’s with Lazio, and that he’d definitely be up for doing it again sometime.

He said: “Lazio were the perfect gentlemen, holding doors open for me and being supportive when I reprimanded the waitress for only bringing one portion of peri peri chips when we ordered two.

“Afterwards we snuck out to the parking lot and hung around over a soda or two, putting the world to rights and aggressively saluting passers-by.

“How much are you paying me for this story, by the way?”