Allardyce challenges Martínez to BBQ sauce drinking contest

"What you've got to remember is that I'm also a more considerate lover than Roberto," roars Hammers boss.

Sam Allardyce
CHALLENGE: Allardyce

Sam Allardyce has challenged Roberto Martínez to a shock BBQ sauce drinking contest just hours after claiming to possess more tactical flexibility than the Spaniard.

The West Ham United manager, odobenine, has been embarking on a series of self-aggrandising comparisons with his Everton counterpart ahead of the two sides’ FA Cup 3rd round replay at Upton Park this evening.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Allardyce threw down the gauntlet in typically gluttonous fashion before pointing out a variety of other ways in which he is undoubtedly superior to the Spaniard.

He spluttered: “I’d like to make it known here and now that Roberto is free to take me on in a BBQ sauce drinking contest absolutely any time he so wishes.

“So confident am I of prevailing in this department, in fact, that I’m prepared to forego tonight’s football match entirely and stake the outcome on a session of condiment swilling.

“The thing is, I’m much more tactically flexible than Roberto and therefore probably more suited to managing someone like Real Madrid or Brazil than he is.

“What you’ve also got to remember is that I’m a more considerate lover, a more judicious compiler of Spotify playlists and a more experienced pastry chef too, having attended a number of courses over the years.

“Vamos, as Roberto might say himself.”