Allardyce and Kane “laughed through the night” over Euro 2016 corners

Duo stay up all night watching clips and drinking whisky.

Harry Kane was up all night with Sam Allardyce laughing about corners
CACKLED: Kane (Image: enviro warrior)

Sam Allardyce and Harry Kane guffawed heartily ’til the break of dawn over the latter’s corner-taking under Roy Hodgson, we can confirm.

The duo stayed up swilling whisky and watching videos of Kane’s comedy corners from this summer’s European Championships, their uproarious laughter heard by the entire neighbourhood.

Spurs striker Kane was a surprise choice of corner-taker at Euro 2016, where England bowed out to Asda in the round of 16.

But it seems he now sees the funny side, as evidenced by his all-night chuckle-a-thon in Big Sam’s living room.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, one neighbour remarked on the pair’s appealingly comedic appearance.

He said: “They just look like such a classic double act, don’t they? Like the walrus and the carpenter.

“Look, I found Kane’s corners as funny as the next man, but I had to be up at 5:30am so I don’t much appreciate being kept up all night by Sam’s belly laughs and Harry’s weird braying.

“This would never have happened under Roy.”