Air traffic control “thrown into disarray” by spate of Arsenal planes

Disaster narrowly averted after impromptu Wenger-themed demonstration.

These are not the Arsenal planes
PLENTIFUL: Planes (Image: Cpl Andy Benson)

Air traffic control giants NATS say they were thrown into chaos by the deluge of Arsenal planes at West Brom.

The Gunners’ 3-1 defeat at the Hawthorns was overshadowed by a fleet of flights bearing messages both for and against embattled manager Arsène Wenger.

According to NATS, the confusion caused by the sudden spate of Arsenal planes could easily have led to disaster.

A spokesperson said: “We didn’t know whether we were coming or going.

“It was chaos, and I’ll tell you what, it’s a borderline miracle that something terrible didn’t happen.

“On top of that, we had a passenger flight that was very nearly taken down by a Granit Xhaka shot in the first half.

“All we can do is urge Arsenal supporters to stop flying all these planes everywhere, but if we can’t get the message out we’re all at the mercy of results.

“If you’re thinking of boarding an aeroplane any time soon, then please, consult Arsenal’s form guide before you do.”