Agüero takes time out from scoring hat-trick to reflect on nightmare season

Man City star speaks out about recent, goal-laden struggles.

Sergio Agüero is struggling at Man City
STRUGGLES: Sergio (Image: joshjdss)

Sergio Agüero took time out from scoring a magnificent hat-trick to open up to Football Burp about his nightmare season at Manchester City.

Despite being midway through bagging a treble against some hapless outfit or other, the Argentine still found time to offer up some thoughts on his recent, goal-laden struggles.

Converting a 25-yard volley and speaking through a translator, he said: “Yes, it’s been tough.

“Take right now for instance – I’m scoring an unbelievable hat-trick as we speak, but I know that at any moment Jesus could return and put me back on the bench.

“Fortunately I know Jesus – er, the other one – is on my side. I will take strength from that as I finish scoring this particular hat-trick.

“Now if you don’t mind, I’ve some defenders to leave for dead.”