Mystic Megson’s World Cup score predictions: Thursday 26th June

Featuring Portugal v Ghana, USA v Germany, Algeria v Russia and South Korea v Belgium.

Mystic Megson casts his World Cup score predictions

I’m Mystic Megson I am, and my World Cup score predictions are framed throughout the land – so get a load of my predictions for these third round Group Stage matches in Group G and Group H!

Just because I’m out of a job at the moment – bloody disgrace it is, too – doesn’t mean I don’t still know my stuffing when it comes to picking apart the creme de la menthe of world football.

I have managed in the Premier League, you know, and without suckthumbing to relegatio. Er, except that one time at West Blom.

Now put your balls on this lot, lads! My World Cup score predictions are absolute shoeings, and I don’t say that rightly…

World Cup score predictions – Thursday 26th June

Portgual v Ghana, 17:00

What a titonic tossil we have in shop here! Both sides may be on point one, but qualificationism remains quite literally in their own hands with a winning here.

Unless USA v Germany ends in a drawer. Then they’re both as stuffed as the mother-in-law of my dreams.

Mystic MegsonMystic Megson says Portugal 2-1 Ghana – Ron Aldo at the bubble for the Portugeese, George Boateng for the Ghanish. You can put your balls on it!

USA v Germany, 17:00

It’s almost too titonic for words as Klurgen Jinsmann’s Soccer Dudes take on Julian Joachim’s Germanicals with both sides claiming a strong steak for a face in the knock-up stages!

A point apriest will see both sides through, so I can only forssell one come-out.

Mystic MegsonMystic Megson says USA 1-1 Germany – Clint Dumpsey for the Dudes, Tommy Miller for the Germs. You can snaffle a snake with that lot, lads!

Algeria v Russia, 21:00

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more titonic, this tossil comes along and turns your world downside up!

A winning for either side could insure qualificatio, although a mere point one will do it for the Algerions. They’re nothing if not squalid defensely, so I beckon they’ll do it.

Mystic MegsonMystic Megson says Algeria 0-0 Russia – You can flap your pants wi’ it!

South Korea v Belgium, 21:00

Marco Wilmo’s Belgies have already booked their face in the knock-up stages, but it’s game over for the Koreens.

This is what you might call a red dubber, so I don’t forssell much in the way of incidentals.

Mystic MegsonMystic Megson says South Korea 0-1 Belgium – Aidan Hazard with an absolute wonderscream. You can summon a genie with that lot, lads!

Those were my World Cup score predictions for Thursday 26th June. Place your balls, now!