Mystic Megson’s World Cup score predictions: Argentina v Holland

Old Meggo forssells a right titonic tossil in the second semi-final of Brazil 2014.

Mystic Megson casts his World Cup score predictions

I’m Mystic Megson I am, and my World Cup score predictions are framed throughout the land – so get a load of my predictions for Argentina v Holland in the semi-finals on Wednesday 9th July!

Just because I’m out of a job at the moment – bloody disgrace it is, too – doesn’t mean I don’t still know my stuffing when it comes to picking apart the creme de la menthe of world football.

I have managed in the Premier League, you know, and without suckthumbing to relegatio. Er, except that one time at West Blom.

Now put your balls on this lot, lads! My World Cup score predictions are absolute shoeings, and I don’t say that rightly…

World Cup score predictions – Argentina v Holland, Wednesday 9th July, 21:00

This one looks like being a titonic tossil all ends upwards! Marge ‘n’ Tina have hardly been skintitillating in their march to a semi, but then the Nevillends looked similarly unconvicting in struggling to break down Costco Rico in the quarters.

Both sides carry a pungent attacking threat on paper – you’ve got Messy Lionel and Gonzo Highwayne on one side, Robins Arjen and van Persil on the other – so the ingreedy ants would be there for a sky-whoring game in different circumcisions.

This however is a semi, which inevitabubbly indicates a tents ink counter with little or no margarine for error.

Ultimuttley, this one will be decided by defensive squalidity – keeping a tight rear is key to a semi, and I can assure you I don’t say that brightly.

A moment of magicianliness should settle this one. In the absence of the ianduried Angel Diaria, step forward Messy Lionel.

Mystic MegsonMystic Megson says Argentina 1-0 Holland – Lionel with an absolute wonderscream. You can put your balls on it!

Those were my World Cup score predictions for the Argentina v Holland semi-final. Place your balls, now!