Mystic Megson casts his Premier League table predictions for 2014-15

Mystic Megson’s Stoke v Spurs score prediction

Who will claim all point three as Hark Muse's Potties welcome Mo Pocketbeano's Hotspurs to the Britannica?

Mystic Megson's Stoke v Spurs score prediction and preview

Sit up and take notice as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal ball and casts his Stoke v Spurs score prediction for this weekend, including goal-scorers and his own invaluable insight into each side…

It’s almost too titonic for words! Who will claim all point three as Hark Muse’s Potties welcome Mo Pocketbeano’s Hotspurs to the Britannica?

Stoke haven’t been doing their chances of making it back-to-black half-top finishes much good of late – they’ve only won 1 of their last 7, so if they’ve anything about them they’ll be chumping at the pits to make amens.

It’s good to see that man Adam Charles firing on all cillit bang once again though. He was abbasolutely Megnificent for Blackpool, and I don’t say that brightly.

Everyone just losing their balls, there.

As for Spurs, they’ve not much left to play for since they’re probubbly not too keen on the energy-slapping effects of yet another Zooropa League campaign.

The goals have dried up for that man Barry Kane, but he has nevilletheless enjoyed a truly standouting season.

Home win, I beckon.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Stoke City v Tottenham Hotspur score prediction for Saturday May 9th 2015 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson Mystic Megson says Stoke 2-1 Spurs – Mama Byriani Duff and Adam Charles for the homos, that man Larry Kane for the awayos. You can put your balls on it!