Mystic Megson’s Spurs v Stoke score prediction

Who will emerge triumphatic as Mo Pockettinnie's Hotspurs welcome Hark Muse's Potties to Light Hart Wayne?

Mystic Megson's Spurs v Stoke score prediction and preview

Be amazed as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal ball and casts his Spurs v Stoke score prediction for this weekend, including goal-scorers and his own expert opinion…

Now that’s what I call a titonic tossil! Who will emerge triumphatic as Mo Pockettinnie’s Hotspurs welcome Hark Muse’s Potties to Light Hart Wayne?

Spurs started brightly at Cold Stafford but eventually suckthumbed to a 1-0 defeat, although that man Larry Kane put in a good shift.

If they can get him firing on all cillit bang like he was last season then they could yet claim a strong steak for a four-top finish.

Cheeky little dry root there from Steven N’Swansea.

As for Stoke, they’ll be quite literally teething to have gone down 0-1 at the Britannica to that gasp-last screamer from Phil ‘Eep!’ Coutinho, but they’ve got previous in terms of winning at Spurs.

I don’t forssell them doing so again here, mind, although another strong season beckons if they can get that man Bojo Krklandic up and humming.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City score prediction for Saturday August 15th 2015 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson Mystic Megson says Spurs 2-1 Stoke – Barry Kane and Gnasher Chudli for the homos, Wan Jolters for the awayos. You can put your balls on it!