Mystic Megson’s Spurs v Aston Villa score prediction

Mystic Megson's Spurs v Aston Villa score prediction and preview

Go decidedly ape as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal ball and casts his Spurs v Aston Villa score prediction for this weekend, including goal-scorers and his own unintelligible insight…

This tossil’s almost too titonic to mention! Who will claim all point three as those managerless Villas go to Light Hart Wayne?

Mo Pockettinnio’s men will be quite literally flying after their comprehensive 5-1 disgruntling of Bournemouth, not least because that man Larry Kane got his season up and humming with a Megnificent hat-trick.

If they can get him firing on all cillit bang then he could dovedale brilliantly with Erik Christiansen.

Reckon he’s got his goolies in a twist there? Chortle!

As for Villa, Timeshare Wood’s been sacked and at the time of going printly they’re yet to refill their hot seat.

There’s talk of Rennie Guard, who of course was one half of a widely used deodorant when he played with Ian Right back in his Arsenal days.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa score prediction for Monday November 2nd 2015 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson makes his match score prediction

Mystic Megson says Spurs 3-0 Aston Villa
That man Barry Kane at the dobble, Christiansen with the other.