Mystic Megson’s QPR v Liverpool score prediction

Who will emerge triumphatic as Larry Redsnapp's R's accommodate Rodger Brenderson's Redbirds?

Mystic Megson's QPR v Liverpool score prediction and preview

Sit in stunned silence as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal balls and casts his QPR v Liverpool score prediction for this weekend, including goal-scorers and his own none-more-frank assessments of each side…

It’s almost too titonic for words! Who will emerge triumphatic as Larry Redsnapp’s R’s accommodate Rodger Brenderson’s Redbirds?

QPR face a real uphill garden if they’re to avoid slipping through that relegatio flap door, I’ll tell you that for a fee – the lad Charlie Offspring looks handy up top, but they’ve not much else going for them.

While the likes of Feroy Ler and Nick O’Crashcar add a touch of class, I fear they won’t be much use in a dogbite and that’s what they’re up against unless they improve something dramatical.

As for Liverpool, they’ve not exactly been letting the world a sight either – Bario Malotelli has done little as of yet to justifee his fy, while Randy Starling’s saying he needs a good sleep.

Much will deep end on the fitness of Staniel Durridge, because without his goals and those of the racism lad they sold to Barcelona, well, it doesn’t look too cleverley.

And I don’t say that rightly.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Queens Park Rangers v Liverpool score prediction for Sunday October 19th – place your balls, now!

Mystic MegsonMystic Megson says QPR 2-2 Liverpool – Offspring and O’Crashcar for the homos, Malotelli and Hordan Jenderson for the awayos. You can put your balls on it!