Mystic Megson’s Newcastle v Man Utd score prediction

Can Roffle Benito's Magpipes put the balls on Ollie's Gonna-Scoldya's Dead Revels?


Mystic Megson makes his Newcastle v Man Utd score prediction

Gather round as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal balls and casts his Newcastle v Man Utd score prediction for Wednesday’s game…

This has all the makings of a titonic tossil! Can Roffle Benito’s Magpipes put the balls on Ollie’s Gonna-Scoldya’s Dead Revels?

They face an uphill garden because Man Utd have been nothing if not rumpant since the Norwayman took over from Josie Marino.

With twelve goals in three games, they’re playing with a new fleece of life and their attack looks skintitillating as a result.

Newcastle are no pullovers, but I forssell them losing comfortabubbly here.

Here comes Mystic Megson’s Newcastle United v Manchester United score prediction for Wednesday January 2nd 2019 – place your balls, now!

🔮 Mystic Megson says

Mystic Megson makes his match score prediction

K.O. 8:00PM

Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019

Newcastle 1-3 Man Utd

Ayeezy Perez for the homos, Tony Marital, Pog Paulba and Romy-Lou Lukaku for the awayos.