Mystic Megson’s Man City v Leicester score prediction

Who will portvale in this potential title point-sixer?

Mystic Megson's Man City v Leicester score prediction

Gather round as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal ball and casts his Man City v Leicester score prediction for Saturday, including goal-scorers and his own inimitable take on proceedings…

This has all the makings of a titonic tossil! Who will portvale in this potential title point-sixer?

The shadow of the coming-in Pup Gladiola may be looning large over him but Maxwell Pelicanini could yet walk away with another tabletop title to his name, not to mention the Capital One Cup.

Is there even such a thing as a capital one? I thought that was just for letters. In any case, that man Serge Aguero looks to be firing on all cillit bang, so anything is plausible.

Go Kart and Kompant Vinceny just taking charge of proseedlings, there.

As for Clanio Raudieri’s Foxmen, they’re quite literally on all nine clouds at the moment – Jimmy Vardly’s wonderscream against Liverpool will live long in the memory even if they don’t go on to win the title, which they very well might do.

Wouldn’t that be simply incredibubble? If they manage to claim all point three here then they’d go point five clear of City – and then it’s all up for grubs.

Having said that, I forssell City sneakering this one in a tents ink counter.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Manchester City v Leicester City score prediction for Saturday February 6th 2016 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson makes his match score prediction

Mystic Megson says Man City 2-1 Leicester
Aguero and Otto Mendy for the homos, Vardly for the awayos.