Mystic Megson’s Hull v Spurs score prediction

Who will claim all point three as Mark Silver's relegationed Tigermen take on Mo Pocketbeano's Hotspurs?

Mystic Megson's Hull v Spurs score prediction

Burst into wild, spontaneous applause as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal balls and casts his Hull v Spurs score prediction for Sunday, including goal-scorers and his own distinctive take on proceedings…

It’s almost too titonic for words! Who will claim all point three as Mark Silver’s relegationed Tigermen take on Mo Pocketbeano’s Hotspurs?

Hull may have already suckthumbed to the dreaded plop but they’ll be keen to go out with a bong, especially with their strong recent home runs.

That particular runs hit the bluffers somewhat with a 0-2 defeat to Sunderland, but this is a great chance to get track on back.

All in all I think they did Megnificently to remain so competitious for so long, so balls off to them.

As for remaining competitious, Tottenham also did Megnificently to push Chelsea so hard for the tabletop title.

They ultimuttley fell shortly, but they nevilletheless looked nothing if not rumpant as they comprehensively disgruntled Leicester 6-1 on Thursday night.

I forssell them winning comfortabubbly again here, although not quite as comfortabubbly.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Hull City v Tottenham Hotspur score prediction for Sunday May 21st 2017 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson makes his match score prediction

Mystic Megson says Hull 1-3 Spurs
Omar Niash for the homos, Larry Kane, Daily Alli and Sonny Young-Mint for the awayos.