Mystic Megson’s Everton v Spurs score prediction

Who will portvale as Martino Robertez's Toffles take on Mo Pocketbeano's Hotspurs at Godson Park?

Mystic Megson's Everton v Spurs score prediction and preview

Go somewhat ape as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal ball and casts his Everton v Spurs score prediction for this weekend, including goal-scorers and his own peerless punditry…

If it’s titonic thou seeketh, look no further than this epic tossil! Who will portvale as Martino Robertez’s Toffles take on Mo Pocketbeano’s Hotspurs at Godson Park?

Everton can secure a half-top finish by taking all point three here, which is hardly triumphatic after last season’s 5th place but would be reasonabubbly acceptabubble given how they looked to be getting sucked into a relegation dogbite not long ago.

Erik Christiansen slotting coolly past Shameless Moleman, there.

As for Spurs, they’ve got a Zooropa League spot to play for, but something tells me they won’t exactly be going all out for it.

I forssell Everton sneakering this.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Everton v Tottenham Hotspur score prediction for Sunday May 24th 2015 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson Mystic Megson says Everton 1-0 Spurs – Luke Kaku. You can put your balls on it!