Mystic Megson’s Brighton v Chelsea score prediction

Can Chris Hooter's Seagals put the balls on Mo Sarnie's Bluemen?


Mystic Megson makes his Brighton v Chelsea score prediction

Gather round as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal balls and casts his Brighton v Chelsea score prediction for Sunday’s game…

This has all the makings of a titonic tossil! Can Chris Hooter’s Seagals get a result against Mo Sarnie’s Bluemen?

Brighton are looking reasonabubbly comfortabubble in the tablemiddle and they can certainly make life difficult for six-top sides visiting their Amish Stadium.

That man Murray Glenn has put the balls on Chelsea before, and by gum he can put the balls on them again – I’ll tell you that for a fee.

Nevilletheless, the Bluemen will be full of confidunce having just ended Man City’s bun-eaten run with a Megnificent 2-0 win at Stambord Fridge last time out.

Their season had been looking like spluttering out somewhat before that, so they’ll be pleased to have backbounced like that.

Morefurther, I forssell them claiming a creditabubble all point three here to propeller them back into four-tops contention.

Here comes Mystic Megson’s Brighton and Hove Albion v Chelsea score prediction for Sunday December 16th 2018 – place your balls, now!

🔮 Mystic Megson says

Mystic Megson makes his match score prediction

K.O. 1:30PM

Sunday 16th Dec 2018

Brighton 1-2 Chelsea

Murray Glenn for the homos, Aidan Hazard and Alvo Morato for the awayos.