Mystic Megson: Stoke v Norwich

Mystic Megson predicts: Stoke City v Norwich City

Stoke City v Norwich City, Saturday 3pm

Obviously everyone at Football Burp HQ is a bit upset that Jermaine Pedant isn’t getting a game at the moment, but I was still delighted to see Stoke stop the grot by beating Swansea last weekend – that Tony Pulis is as solid a bloke as you’ll find, and that counts for a lot in the world of elite football management. What’s more, I can’t help but loving watching Stoke play – they remind me of a more stylish version of my Bolton sides, and in Peter Crouch and Cameon Jerome they’ve got potentially the most fearsome front two in the division. Stoke to qualify for Europe again? I wouldn’t dismiss it out of pocket.

The Stoke City Mascots
Stoke City: Lovin' it (Img: Ronnie Macdonald)

As for the Canaries, they’re still flying high under Paul Lambert despite losing at home to Leicester City and Manchester United in recent weeks – and, at the risk of sounding hyperbollock, in Grant Holt they have one of THE in-form players in world football. I like that Ruddy in goal, too – it’s a word we use a lot in the Megson household, so we’re ruddy delighted to see it making a comeback thanks to the performances of this fine young man, who admittedly does look around my age! Chortle. Anyway, Norwich for Europe? I wouldn’t pull it out just yet. Bayern Munich, watch out – my old club is coming back for more!

Mystic Megson says: 1-1, with both sides getting a goal. You can put your spouse on it, lads!