Mystic Megson: Man City v Bolton

Mystic Megson predicts: Manchester City v Bolton Wanderers

Manchester City v Bolton Wanderers, Saturday 3pm

Roberto Mancini’s got City firing on all calendars at the moment, and with Carlos Tevez back in the squad, the task of toppling them becomes ever more haunting. What’s more, Sergio Silvatelli’s goals continue to be more regular than my missus since the introduction of prune juice into her diet – and that’s pretty regular, I can tell you that for free. City for the title, you can hang your fairy lights on it.

Carlos Tevez of Manchester City
Tevez... Argie whizz (Img: Alfonso Jimenez)

As for Bolton, they’re in such dire straits they might as well appoint Knopfler as manager. Me, I’m loving every moment – I know what their fans think of me, and I say balls to ’em. See you in the Championship next year after I get Sheff…oh.

Mystic Megson says: 10-0 City. F**k Bolton.