Mystic Megson: Everton v Blackburn (21.01.12)

Mystic Megson predicts Everton v Blackburn RoversI’m Mystic Megson, I am, and when I predict the weekend’s Premier League results, people listen. Just because I’m currently battling for promotion to the Championship with Sheffield Wednesday – and doing a bloody good job of it too, thank you very much – it doesn’t mean that I don’t still know my onions when it comes to picking apart the greatest league in the world. I have managed in it, you know, and on more than one occasion. Now hang your hat on this lot, lads…

Everton v Blackburn Rovers, Saturday 3pm

As much as I like David Moyes – us managerial redheads must stick together, y’know – his Toffees side have been blander than the missus’ shepherd’s pie of late, and blunter up front than the mother-in-law’s…well, the mother-in-law. Darron Gibson looks like a tidy signing though, and I like that Anichebe up top – he’s got brute force, and that’s something money can’t buy. Well, actually, it can, but poor old Moyesy never gets any to spend. See, I got there in my roundabout way!

Last week, I said Everton would draw 0-0 at Aston Villa. It were 1-1 in the end, so I’ll put that down to a spot of dust on my crystal football. Old Meggo were basically right, weren’t he?

Yakubu will be suspended for Blackburn Rovers at Everton
Yakubu... Suspended (Img: Bobono)

Steve Kean stuck it to his critics last week by leading his struggling side to an impressive 3-1 win over Fulham despite having the big lad up top sent off for what I must say was a quite unexpected show of agility. Last time the Yak get his leg up that high, he was hurdling the police boundary in front of a burnt-out Greggs after last summer’s riots! Chortle, only joking, Aiyegbeni. Seriously though, I fear for Blackburn if they lose the big lad at the back. Wossisname? Sambo? Summat like that.

Last week, I predicted that Blackburn would romp to a 2-1 win over Fulham. Again, a spot of dust prevented me from calling it 100% correctly, but you’ve got to let old Meggo have this one!

Mystic Megson predicts Everton v Blackburn RoversMystic Megson says: Rovers to take a first-half lead through young Hoilett, with Louis Saha breaking his duck with a late equaliser. There’s a joke about Hoilett duck in here somewhere, isn’t there? Let old Meggo have a think. Ooh it’s thirsty work, this predicting lark.