Top Three: Long-Range Headed Goals

Top Three Long-Range Headed Goals.
Ueda... Not Uefa

Fagiano Okayama defender Ryujiro Ueda is believed to have just broken the world record distance from goal for scoring with a header, with this 58.6m, horrendous goalkeeping-assisted beauty…

Seriously, where on earth was that ‘keeper going? Manuel Almunia’s “accidentally making the ‘keeper rush to the edge of the penalty area on Fifa” show against West Bromwich Albion was bad enough, but this guy looks as if he was just about to pop off to the shops.

Anyway, Ueda’s goal served as a quick-fire smackdown to Odd Grenland midfieldr Jone Samuelson, who himself had broken the record just a month or so ago with this 57.3m finish…

And then of course there was Martin Palermo’s 40m effort in 2009…

This kind of thing doesn’t happen particularly often (except this autumn) so we don’t really have enough material for a top five or ten on this one. Sorry.

For what it’s worth, though, we seem to recall Carlton Palmer scoring with a header from the edge of the box in a 2-0 win for Sheffield Wednesday at Goodison Park in the early-to-mid nineties. No video, though, and not a patch on the above.

Right. As you were!