Top 6 Louis van Gaal videos – flying kick, studio tantrum and more!

Brought to you in association with the Dutchman's notorious temper and disarming sense of fun.

Louis van Gaal videos, starring this guy
One Gaal of a guy (Image: ING Nederland)

Our top 6 Louis van Gaal videos are brought to you in association with the new Manchester United manager’s notorious temper and his disarming sense of fun.

We’ve got a flying kick, a studio tantrum, bhangra on a boat and what must surely be one of the most rousing victory speeches ever delivered in the world of football.

Now marvel at what the Dutchman is capable of as we bring you a selection of our favourite Louis van Gaal videos…

The “stupid question” admonishment

Watch in amusement as a clearly irritated van Gaal is subjected to an inane line of questioning about his proposed move to Manchester United as successor to David Moyes.

“What do you know about United?”

“That is a stupid question. I know everything about them.”

Like it.

The bonkers victory speech followed by German cock rock

Van Gaal was celebrating winning the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich when he delivered this stirring-to-say-the-least address to the club’s supporters…

Gotta love that tune at the end. FC Bayern!

Bhangra on a boat

This half-baked sort of dance was performed at last year’s Amsterdam Gay Pride parade…

A consummate crowd-pleaser.

The studio storm-out

Van Gaal was not best pleased at finding on live on air that he was not to be kept on as a pundit on televised football…

You could call it petulant if it weren’t so gosh darn entertaining.

The startlingly executed flying kick

While protesting an opponent’s raised boot, van Gaal demonstrated the kind of flying kick you wouldn’t expect from a middle-aged man in a suit…

Be sure to hold out for the replay – it’s quite, quite spectacular.

The rookie journalist training

A fledgling reporter, presumably anxious about van Gaal’s fearsome reputation, asks for advice on how to approach him and receives the following, surprisingly helpful reply…

There you go, our top 6 Louis van Gaal videos. What are yours?