Top 6 football comedy sketches

In tribute to the late, great Mel Smith, Football Burp rounds up hilarious football skits from Monty Python, Fry & Laurie, Mitchell & Webb and Harry & Paul.

Mel Smith - "Latest Football Scores"
Yes, the fourth division was once called Division Four – fancy that, eh? (Image: Oleg Lizantsuk / YouTube)

Football comedy sketches are a hard thing to get right – in fact, it would appear to take a certain amount of distance from and/or cynicism towards the subject to really nail it, such as that displayed by Mel Smith in his legendary “Latest Football Scores” sketch.

As you may have heard, Smith passed away over the weekend, so in tribute to the great man we present you with our top 6 football comedy sketches…

Alas Smith and Jones – “Latest Football Scores”

…in which Mel Smith announces the classified scores, gradually investing the routine with more and more irritation until the whole thing becomes an hilarious ‘roast’ of some of our nation’s less glamorous locations…

Harry Enfield and Chums, Mr Cholmondley-Warner Presents: Association Football

…in which the Arsenal team of 1933 take on the Liverpool side of 1991, with the obligatory ‘hilarious consequences’…

That tricky winger of Arsenal’s may yet follow in Cristiano Ronaldo’s footsteps by making the graduation from ineffectual show pony into fully-fledged superstar.

Sign him up, Arsène Wenger!

Monty Python’s Flying Circus – “Philosopher Football”

…in which the great thinkers of yesteryear take to the field for a brilliantly funny few minutes that doubles up as a rather nifty induction into the titular subject…

He’s not the Messi, he’s a very naughty boy.

*Clears throat*

*Adjusts tie*

*Taps microphone to see if it’s on*

A Bit of Fry & Laurie – “Football Coach”

“What is the object of the game?”


Precisely what has changed all these years later? Other than Hugh Laurie now being rather more than a lovable fop, of course.

That Mitchell and Webb Look – “Football” + “Football, Football, Football”

Two more recent examples, again from people who don’t really strike as being football fans. Again, this would appear to help along the funny…

The exception to the rule, of course, is Fast Show legend and Harry Enfield ally Paul Whitehouse – a staunch Tottenham Hotspur supporter who over the years has provided us with such enduring comedy creations as…

Ron Manager

You’ll never see Gary Lineker the same way again…

In absolute seriousness, Ron Manager’s ‘autobiography’ Marvellous, Isn’t It? is one of the funniest books we’ve ever read. Get it, NOW. You’ll thank us later.

Julio Geordio

Parodying the early-to-mid-’90s influx of foreign players into the Premier League…

Jose Arrogantio


And, from latter-day vehicle Harry & Paul, this only-slightly-offensive gem…

England v Paquador

How great are the (presumed) Motson and Lawrenson impressions?

Can you think of any great football comedy sketches that we missed? Have your say in that comments thingamajig below…