Top 5 worst throw-ins

In honour of Phil Jones's horror chuck against Slovenia.

This was not one of the worst throw-ins ever
THROW: In (Image: lbking)

Phil Jones’s horror chuck for England against Slovenia got us wondering: what are the worst throw-ins ever to have been attempted on the field of play (or, more precisely, just off it)?

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So here they are, the top 5 worst throw-ins we could find, including three Real Madrid efforts bundled into one so you’re really getting 7.

Who gives you extra? Football Burp!

Chris Philipps, Luxembourg v Italy

The poor chap pretty much executes a belly flop while trying to find one of his team mates with a long throw-in…

Wah, wah, and indeed, waaaahhhh.

Some dude, some team v some team

Is anyone out there able to furnish us with the particulars? Having said that, whoever this is might not want to be named and shamed for somehow managing to throw the ball onto his own head…

Some other dude, some other team v some other team

The undisputed king of bad throw-ins, hands down. Or, er, hands up…

The commentator amuser

A third consecutive incidence from a match we’re unable to identify, but the magnificence lies arguably in the reaction of the commentators…

Real Madrid

The La Liga giants are so bad at throw-ins they get their own category here. First dig this confusion on the part of Fábio Coentrão and James Rodríguez…

…now this weirdness from Pepe…

…and finally this portentously soundtracked effort from Iker Casillas…

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