Top 5 Massimo Cellino videos

In association with the 'colourful' Leeds owner's banishment by the Football League. Er, until April 10th.

Massimo Cellino videos feature this guy
Cellino meets James May’s rocker dad (Image: Terry George)

The top 5 Massimo Cellino videos are brought to you in association with news of the ‘colourful’ Italian losing his appeal against the Football League’s decision to disqualify him from owning Leeds United.

UPDATE: Cellino cooks pasta for Leeds squad before 1-0 win over Bournemouth, swears a lot

Er, until April 10th. Yes, that oughta learn him for brazenly flaunting Football League regulation. Take some time out to dwell on that, sunshine.

Anyway, the following Massimo Cellino videos showcase an almost admirable lust for trying to fool all of the people all of the time.

Massimo Cellino Sky Sports News interview

Sacking another poor, beleaguered manager?

Ramble non-committally until the reporter loses interest or forgets what you’re talking about…

Massimo Cellino Leeds United awards dinner speech

Giving a speech at the Player of the Year dinner after a season that saw your team finish 15th in the Championship?

Weasel your way into the crowd’s affections with an immediate onslaught of disingenuously self-effacing humour…

Massimo Cellino LUTV interview

Doing an interview for the official club website?

Ramble something about seeing light coming through the clouds as if you were tripping, then once again disarm with deceptively uncharismatic rambling…

Massimo Cellino introduces new manager Dave Hockaday to the press

And now for the pièce de résistance.

“How did David Hockaday come to your attention?”

“Well, he’s a good-looking guy, eh?”

That’s just one of a constant flow of highlights, including such instant classics as the bloke on the right’s facial expression for the duration of the press conference.

Hockaday’s too, come to think of it, but then if you’d just been plucked from a mid-table Conference side and handed the Leeds United job, you’d probably be bracing yourself to find out it was all someone’s hilarious joke and you’ve just been Punk’d, as curiously sonnet-like as that abridged version of the word is…

That’s all we’ve got time for, folks, so we’re going to leave you in the capable musical hands of…

The Pigeon Detectives featuring Massimo Cellino

“It’s the first time we’ve had so many cameras and they’re not all pointing at me,” says the lead avian sleuth. “It’s the last time you play with us.” Now Cellino is banished from Leeds as well.

Er, until April 10th.

NOW: Cellino cooks pasta for Leeds squad before 1-0 win over Bournemouth, swears a lot