Top 5 funny Jamie Carragher moments

A collection of humorous moments involving the former Liverpool captain.

Funny Jamie Carragher moments tend to involve this guy
FUNNY GUY: Carragher (Image: md.faisalzaman)

Enjoy this round-up of the top 5 funny Jamie Carragher moments, inspired by the former Liverpool captain’s presumably good-natured ribbing of Steven Gerrard’s book on Instagram.

PHOTO: Jamie Carragher’s son falls asleep to Steven Gerrard’s book

Carragher was a rock solid presence at the heart of Liverpool’s back 4 for many a year, but he has always offset this intensity by displaying a humorous side to his personality off the pitch.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy 5 more funny Jamie Carragher moments…

Reaction to Brendan Rodgers sacking with Thierry Henry

The former Arsenal star slipped a tender, comforting hand onto Carragher’s knee live on Sky the other day…

Stare-off with comedian Jason Byrne

Carragher needed to call upon all the discipline of his defence-marshalling playing days for this encounter with Irish stand-up Byrne on Soccer AM

Scoring a penalty for Everton

An Evertonian as a lad, Carragher capitalised on the informal atmosphere of his own testimonial to sneak up behind Toffees striker Yakubu and fulfil a boyhood ambition…

Smirking at yoga

So apparently impenetrable to so many is Carragher’s thick Scouse accent that US television network Fox saw fit to subtitle him for their 2012 behind-the-scenes doc Being: Liverpool.

We couldn’t find an illustrative video of that, or indeed of one of his characteristic ‘popping his head round the door for hilarious banter’ interventions, so here he is looking perplexed at a yoga session organised by then new manager Brendan Rodgers…

“A team of Carraghers”: the reality

No video for this one either, but Burp can distinctly remember Carragher’s amusing response to a question put to him in pre-match TV coverage of the 2005 Champions League final.

When asked about Reds fans singing “we all dream of a team of Carraghers” and what that would be like, the man himself didn’t skip a beat in retorting that “there’d be a lot of nil-nils.”