Top 10 player fan fights

In (dubious) honour of Goole captain Karl Colley's attempt to punch a Coalville Town fan.

Éric Cantona, perpetrator of one of our top 10 player fan fights
Cantona… Since mellowed (Image: ERIO TAC FRANCE)

Player fan fights are an unfortunate byproduct of football’s way with heightening tensions, and this weekend threw up a doozy in Goole captain Karl Colley’s somewhat amusing attempt at punching a Coalville Town fan.

We look back at ten more memorable player fan fights, from the shockingly malicious to the just plain stupid…

Éric Cantona

Nineteen years ago to the day of Colley’s outburst, the Manchester United legend aimed a kung fu kick at a gobby Crystal Palace fan on his way off the pitch following a red card.


Playing for AC Milan in the Champions League at Celtic, the Brazilian goalkeeper took a light whap from a jubilant Bhoys fan and went down as if he’d been KO’d by Mike Tyson, quite laughably leaving the pitch on a stretcher.

The fan received a lifetime ban from Celtic Park, while Dida was charged by UEFA with breaching rules upholding “loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship”.

Chris Kirkland

A Leeds United fan was jailed for 16 weeks for this attack on the Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper…

Rio Ferdinand/Joe Hart

The Manchester City goalkeeper intervened when a furious City fan attempted to take Ferdinand to task for celebrating a late Manchester United winner.

Ferdinand’s celebration was also rewarded with a coin to the head, the bloody aftermath of which is contained within…

Scott Laird

When a Stevenage fan punched a player from his own team following a momentous FA Cup giant-killing of Newcastle United, it was presumed that he sought his jersey as a memento.

As it turned out, Laird had had a relationship with the fan’s girlfriend and was alleged not to have treated her properly.

Not like the tender loving care you only get with a punch to the head on a football pitch…

Jordan Archer

The Wycombe Wanderers goalkeeper, on loan from Tottenham Hotspur, was jumped in bizarre fashion by a young Gillingham fan who clearly thought it would be a jolly good wheeze…

Jamie Jones

Nasty, this one – an outright punch from a Swindon Town fan on Leyton Orient’s goalkeeper…

George Galamaz

Not as nasty as this sickening attack on the Steaua Bucharest defender by a “drug-fuelled football hooligan”, mind…

Esteban Alvarado

The AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper was sent off for a series of kicks on an unwanted intruder during a game against Ajax, but the red card was later overturned.

David Beckham

LA Galaxy fans weren’t happy about Becks swanning off on loan to AC Milan during the off-season, and they weren’t afraid to let him know it.

Becks was far from pleased to be called out in such fashion…

NOW: See the video of Goole captain Karl Colley’s fight with a Coalville Town fan