Top 10 footballers in music videos

Starring Drogba, Agüero, Del Piero, Waddle and more.

Chris Waddle is one of our footballers in music videos
CHRIS: Waddle (Image: Shane Rounce)

You may already have enjoyed the new Julio Inglesias video, which stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Luís Figo, Raúl and Iker Casillas amongst others – now dig these other footballers in music videos.

Only special guest appearances were considered here, not direct artistic contributions, so don’t be expecting John Barnes with New Order or Hoddle and Waddle singing “Diamond Lights”.

Well, we do have Waddle for you – in fact he’s first up on our list of the top ten footballers in music videos…

Arctic Monkeys feat. Chris Waddle

A lifelong Sheffield Wednesday supporter, Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner idolised Waddle as a youngster.

Old footage of Waddle playing for Wednesday intersperses the band’s video for “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I Moved Your Chair”, rather than an actual appearance from the man himself.

Oasis feat. Alessandro Del Piero

The Italian legend became friendly with Noel Gallagher after declaring himself to be a fan of the band, but be sure not to blink lest you miss his brief cameo in “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down”.

Lethal Bizzle feat. Emmanuel Frimpong

Now playing for FC Ufa in Russia, perhaps Frimpong could have made something of himself at Arsenal had he spent less time shouting “you don’t wanna get Frimpong’d” and “DENCH!” over the top of excruciating Lethal Bizzle remixes.

Peace feat. Peter Crouch

For some reason, the Worcester group’s video for “Gen Strange” starts with the Stoke centre-forward calling their singer a “fucking emo” as he walks past.

Westlife feat. Vinnie Jones

To be fair, the former Chelsea and Wimbledon midfielder has carved out enough of a niche as an actor for this one not to be too surprising.

T2 feat. Rio Ferdinand and Micah Richards

Richards and T2 are both from Leeds and vaguely knew each other through family, while Rio it seems was more of a fan.

Julia Channel feat. Didier Drogba

Find out how Julia knows Didier in this interview we did with her.

Los Leales feat. Sergio Agüero

This one’s from a few years back and features a band who not only wrote a song called “Kun Agüero” but also got the man himself to front it.

Brings feat. Lukas Podolski

Right from the awkwardly forced initial greetings betwixt singer and footballer, you know you’re in for something truly cringeworthy with this video for a song called “Hallelujah” (sadly not a Leonard Cohen cover).

Gorgeous George feat. Jimmy Bullard

Probably the best performance of this particular bunch is former prankster midfielder Bullard’s role in this video for “John Wayne Enterprise”, in which he’s even shown disappearing urgently into a toilet. Probably the best song here, too.