Top 10: Commentatorgasms!

Tiziano Crudeli - the undisputed king of commentatorgasms
Crudeli... Excitable

You may by now have been subjected to the monumentally disturbing sound of Gary Neville getting a little carried away, shall we say, at Fernando Torres’s all-important goal for Chelsea against Barcelona in last night’s Champions League semi-final second leg at the Nou Camp.

In case you haven’t – and discretion is entirely advisable – here it is…

We know what you’re thinking – “why, this is the perfect opportunity for Football Burp to capitalise on everyone’s amusement/disgust by rounding up some of their favourite commentatorgasms”.

Well, you’d be right to… here are our Top 10 Commentatorgasms!

Andy Gray (Steven Gerrard for Liverpool v Olympiakos, 2005)

Jack van Gelder (Dennis Bergkamp for Holland v Argentina, 1998)

Victor Hugo Morales (Diego Maradona for Argentina v England, 1986)

Bjørge Lillelien (Norway 2-1 England, 1981 – “Maggie Thatcher, your boys took one hell of a beating!”)

? (Rivaldo for Brazil v England, 2002)

Real Madrid legend Jose Antonio Camacho and Spanish commentator (David Villa for Spain v Paraguay, 2010)

Crazy Norwegian commentator apparently auditioning for Slipknot

Chinese commentator (Italy v Australia, 2006)

Morocco hit post v Italy

Tiziano Crudeli (various)

And here’s Tiziano’s reaction to AC Milan conceding to Tottenham Hotspur’s Peter Crouch…

Think you take defeats badly? You’ve got nothing on Tiziano.

Can you think of any classic commentatorgasms that we missed? Have your say in the comments section below!