This season’s must-have fashion accessories: Ian Wright glasses, Demba Ba mask and more!

Xabi Alonso
Alonso… Selection Haddock (Img: Майоров Владимир)

The Ian Wright glasses and Demba Ba mask have rocked the world of fashion, so Football Burp takes a look at this season’s must-have accessories.

Demba Ba mask

Demba has taken to wearing this personalised face mask in a bid to protect his recently broken nose, and you too could look like Zorro and/or Facundo Sava in this season’s most daring accessory!

Ian Wright glasses

Ian based his ‘customer services representative’ look on former Halifax brandface Howard Brown, and you too could look like a perpetual irritant in this season’s most straight-laced combo!

David Beckham pink boots

You too can look like you’ve just kicked someone to death in this season’s most attention-drawing accessory!

Xabi Alonso beard

You too can look like Captain Haddock in this season’s most authoritative accessory!

Grant Holt robe

You too can Sheikh up your wardrobe with this season’s most Emirati accessory!

@weeksie82 tell your man thanks for my present. #loveit twitter.com/Grantholt31/st…

— Grant holt (@Grantholt31) February 13, 2013

Marouane Fellaini afro

The Everton star has been cultivating his magnificent scalp-Gnasher for some years now, and it has increased in popularity as his game has gone from strength to strength. You too can forego that unsightly man bag in this season’s most storage-friendly accessory!

Petr Cech headgear

You too can have metal plates attached to your skull following a collision with Stephen Hunt in this season’s most retro accessory!

Brendan Rodgers envelopes

You too can motivate your players by waving stationary at them with this season’s most garish accessory!

Arsene Wenger coat

You too can be presented with all sorts of difficulties in this season’s most confusing accessory!

Tom Huddlestone mop

You too can vow to not cut your hair again until you’ve scored your next goal, then go on a goal drought for coming on two years, in this season’s most moplike accessory!

What is your must-have fashion accessory this season? Have your say in the comments section below…