Thirteen Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalikes

A vast array of doppelgängers for the new Manchester United signing have emerged over the years.

There are lots of different Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalikes
LOOKALIKE: Zlatan Ibrahimović (Image: Frankie Fouganthin)

Take a look at this selection of Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalikes, compiled as the new Manchester United signing embarks on his first season in the Premier League.

Many have been spotted and found themselves the focus on unwanted attention, others seemed to enjoy being in the limelight and the rest have turned full time.

But they’ve all made it on to our list of the top thirteen Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalikes:

Zlatan lookalike wrestler Jimmy J

Only taught @Ibra_official how to work this weekend didn't I @madmanmanson #iamzlatan pic.twitter.com/EfOkfYVCAX

— Dave Mastiff (@DaveMastiff) August 16, 2015

Part of Preston City Wrestling in Lancashire, Jimmy J says he was put off during a fight by chanting fans likening him to Swedish international.

Zlatan lookalike Sandro Pavlinc

Sandro Pavlinc promotes himself as the world’s greatest Zlatan lookalike in this video that he made.

The mechanic recalls causing chaos in Malmö’s main square:

I was just there and take one of those vitamin drink, but as people came and stormed toward me, I thought “what the hell happens.”

Zlatan lookalike sunbather Mario Delic

Zlatan lookalike Mario Delic who was spotted sunbathing on a Croatian beach
ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIĆ: Mario Delic (Image: Smålandsposten)

Became embroiled in a media storm when spotted sunbathing on Croatian beach.

Zlatan lookalike Swedish defender Erik Johansson

Ikke så smart at tage fejl af Zlatan, når man nu vil slå til ham #EURO2016 #emtv2 pic.twitter.com/Uuj96vwlSp

— Thomas Kristensen (@ThomasKTV2) June 18, 2016

FC Copenhagen’s Sweden international defender Erik Johansson, was mistaken for Zlatan on the front page of a Swedish national newspaper following their exit from Euro 2016.

Zlatan lookalike cameraman

Video removed

Irish fans singing outside the Connemara Irish pub in Bordeaux during Euro 2016 spot that the cameraman filming them looks a little like Zlatan.

Zlatan lookalike swimmer Ian Thorpe

Lendas Olímpicas: Ian Thorpe, o fenômeno australiano da natação via @julianov14 pic.twitter.com/YenQmNeOp6

— Juleno de Freitas (@julianov14) July 4, 2016

Olympic gold medal winner, Australian Ian Thorpe is one of the more successful Zlatan lookalikes and will be hoping to add to his tally when competing at Rio 2016.

Zlatan lookalike Vlad the Impaler

Zlatan lookalike Vlad the Impaler

Many have observed that Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, also known as Vlad Drăculea or Vlad Dracula, looks a bit like Zlatan.

Zlatan lookalike dog

Zlatan lookalike found by ice hockey player

A photo posted by @jfranzen93 on

Detroit Red Wings wingers Johan Franzén spotted this guy in New York and tried to engineer a rumour that Zlatan was changing sports.

Zlatan lookalike Paxton Lynch

Zlatan Ibrahimovic lookalike Paxton Lynch shows off his MASSIVE hands before joining us #SB50 pic.twitter.com/UAhfjjl5pf

— Gridiron (@Gridiron) February 5, 2016

A star in his own right, Paxton Lynch is an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League.

Zlatan lookalike Frank Zappa

Zlatan lookalike Frank Zappa playing guitar on stage
ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIĆ: Frank Zappa (Image: Helge Øverås)

Prolific American musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, actor and filmmaker Frank Zappa looked a bit like Zlatan.

Zlatan lookalike Bulent Yuksel

Self-promoting Zlatan lookalike Bulent Yuksel takes one photo of himself per day and uploads it to his Instagram account.

Zlatan lookalike Hristo Hristov

Zlatan och Janne Josefsson. En hybrid. pic.twitter.com/ZPxr93MVjb

— Johan Kücükaslan (@johankucukaslan) September 23, 2014

Bulgarian Investigative journalist Hristo Hristov said:

I am a serious, investigative journalist and would rather not comment on cases where people in Sweden think that I look like a football player.