Twelve photos of bad football tattoos

From the premature to the downright weird, with some classic spelling mistakes for good measure.

This is easily one of the worst football tattoos
This fan was left (sic) as a parrot (Image: Twitter/domjpearson)

As referee Mark Clattenburg joins the ranks with an appalling ink job, it’s time to round up twelve photos of bad football tattoos from fans and players.

Whether jumping the gun, misspelling a name or just doing something downright weird, the football community has a rich history of truly terrible tattoos.

However, it’s hard not to delight in seeing them, so do enjoy this selection of twelve of the worst football tattoos ever seen:

Mark Clattenburg’s Champions League tattoo

In case he ever forgets he once refereed the final, Clattenburg ensured it was inked onto his body:

Likewise, he is also a walking shrine to his own participation at Euro 2016:

Jay Bothroyd’s ‘LOVE’ tattoo spelt out of weapons

Remember when he played for England? The former Cardiff hot shot, now at Japanese side Júbilo Iwata, had this done in 2013:

Jay Bothroyd. pic.twitter.com/axXRyKVM1D

— Football Tattoos (@Football_Tattoo) March 28, 2015

Stephen Ireland’s angel wings

It’s fair to say they didn’t quite give his career the kind of lift-off he had in mind:

@MStrac89 that standard of tattoo falls just under the bar set by Stephen Ireland's tasteful "artwork"… pic.twitter.com/mFsLcIs7uL

— Edd Scicluna (@eddscicluna) October 12, 2015

Ryan Mason’s 12-year-old-boy tattoo

One Twitter user demanded to know why the image of his childhood self adorned the arm of a Spurs midfielder:

@andygoldstein05 Relevant: Ever noticed that Ryan Mason has a tattoo of a 12-year-old boy on his arm? pic.twitter.com/L8Lp1subbi

— WorldCupDanB (@WorldCupDanB) April 3, 2015

Nile Ranger gets ‘Ranger’ tattooed on his head

Once a promising youngster at Newcastle, Ranger recently surfaced at Phil Brown’s Southend presumably still looking like this:

Sometime the tattoo artist needs to be the voice of reason. RT @8by8mag: Ooooh Nile Ranger…why?!? #markedmen pic.twitter.com/RB7pJgXac2

— Andrew Das (@AndrewDasNYT) April 7, 2014

Fan’s Kolo Touré tattoo spelt wrongly

The Celtic defender, then of Liverpool, joked that he would change his name after an unfortunate supporter had ‘Kolo Touro’ inked on his foot:

"@JoshKillner: Can't believe @domjpearson made The Metro with his 'Kolo Touro' tattoo. #lad http://t.co/BJkggXENwf" I will change my name

— Kolo Toure (@KoloKolotoure28) September 5, 2013

“We Are Liverpool” tattoo

The Anfield faithful love to imbue their heroes with a sense of historical drama, as evidenced by this cringeworthy 300 pastiche:

"@MrBrightside910: Amazing tattoo… WE ARE LIVERPOOL #YNWA pic.twitter.com/9phXQ0ba"

— KLG (@KLGriesel90) August 19, 2012

‘Eeverton’ tattoo

However, the blue half of Merseyside is hardly exempt from ill-fated ink jobs:

Eeverton tattoo must have been done by an #LFC fan#Everton @davidvitty pic.twitter.com/9ZKpqcM3AS

— TwitForTatts (@TwitForTatts) June 8, 2014

Man City fan gets Wayne Rooney tattoo prematurely

Based on little more than a rumour that the Man Utd striker was set to switch allegiances:

The stupid City fan who got 'Rooney City Legend' tattoo because there was a rumor that Rooney was going to Man City :P pic.twitter.com/7nW13qH0

— Rathers (@MarkRathbone96) September 4, 2012

You might also recall the City fan who in 2009 got a ‘Champions League winners 2011’ tattoo, so sure was he that their newfound wealth would lead to such success.

They’ve won a couple of titles since then, but still no Champions League.

Poorly timed Andy Cole tattoo

As acquired by one Newcastle United supporter just days before his hero departed for Old Trafford:

@JustFutball @SportsWankers #NUFC fan had Andy Cole tattoo on his leg two days before he signed for #ManUtd pic.twitter.com/wH8K8vENmh

— Johnny Toobad (@poppa1138) August 27, 2015

Daniele De Rossi’s warning sign

“I will break your legs” appears to be what the Roma midfielder is saying with this eye-catching effort:

Daniele de Rossi still has the best tattoo a hard nosed defensive minded player can have. Love it. #ITA #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/yglo0tVYFe

— Hyphen (@DJHyphen) June 27, 2016

“Gary Lineker shags crisps” tattoo

Not sure what’s the worst thing about this – the weird statement, the choice of body part or the incorrect spelling of ‘Lineker’:

What an absolute belter this lad is.. @jonnoNUFC pic.twitter.com/Gy0dtVlL3w

— Kieran O'Malley (@KieranOMalley) June 29, 2015