Six disgusting Joachim Löw videos

World Cup winning coach consistently belies stylish appearance with gross personal habits.

Disgusting Joachim Löw videos are in order once again
LOWBROW: Löw (Image: Steindy)

Since the Germany coach treated us to some more classic gross-out moments during his side’s 2-0 win over Ukraine, let’s round up six disgusting Joachim Löw videos.

World Cup winning manager and stylish-looking chap he may be, but Löw frequently lives up to his name with public displays of personal hygiene that amuse and horrify in equal measures.

Seeing as he’s obviously not lost any of his shame going into Euro 2016, here are six disgusting Joachim Löw videos:

Joachim Löw sniffs his balls

At least that’s what appears to be happening here. This is from the match against Ukraine:

If you're going to smell ur balls make sure no one is watching lmao #GERUKR #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/mDJgxPvFZ8

— JRey (@Reynohz) June 12, 2016

Joachim Löw picks his nose then wipes it on his bum

Or so it seems at first, but he then expertly brings the booger back around, rolls it around a bit and then has a whiff of it:

Joachim Löw eats his booger

Has a ruddy good rummage around inside his nostril, finds something, kneads it for a bit then gobbles it. All to a deafening chorus of vuvuzelas:

Joachim Löw eats his booger again

He’s obviously developed a taste for it:

Joachim Löw sniffs his armpit

As he probably should have done yesterday, judging by the huge sweat patches on either side of his collarless shirt:

Knocking the ball out of the ball boy’s hands when he’s probably got snot and sweat on his own hands

Granted we’re spreading the article a bit thin by this stage: