Seven funny Steve McClaren videos

Including a comedy Dutch accent, an umbrella and a raunchy phone call.

Here's the star of these funny Steve McClaren videos
MIRTH: McClaren (Image: Thomas Rodenbücher)

As he returns to Derby County for a shock second spell as manager, enjoy these seven funny Steve McClaren videos.

Whether speaking in a Dutch accent, holding a brolly or tempting fate live on television, McClaren has entertained us for years.

So what better way to pay tribute than by rounding up his finest moments? Watch these classic Steve McClaren videos:

Steve McClaren’s Dutch accent

FC Twente appointed you as their manager? Seize the chance to showcase your finest Martin Jol impression:

Steve McClaren tempts fate during England v Iceland

While inordinately eulogising about England’s performance, Iceland score and make him look quite ridiculous:

Steve McClaren tempting fate on Sky Sports news pic.twitter.com/C3tOCMnYGr

— Derek (@Hoopsterdell) June 27, 2016

Steve McClaren cheerfully beckons over someone who doesn’t come

Very David Brent, this one:

Steve McClaren tries to teach Derby players left from right

This training clip might explain why his last spell at Pride Park ended on a sour note:

Steve McClaren on the phone to Babestation

At least that’s what it looks like. We’ll leave it at that:

Steve McClaren out with his carer Siem de Jong

Again, appearances can be deceiving:

Steve McClaren sings “Umbrella”

Okay, it’s not actually him singing, but this is a fine musical tribute to his ‘wally with the brolly’ persona as England manager: