TWEETS: The best #FootballPickupLines

Try out the best #FootballPickupLines on the one you fancy and find love now!

This couple was brought together by one of the #FootballPickupLines
This couple found love with a football pick up line (Image: Adam Jones)

Try out the best #FootballPickupLines on the one you fancy after Twitter suggested hundreds.

Featuring your favourite players and various footballing situations, you’re sure to find love with the help of these.

Many happy marriages began with a football pick-up line, will yours?

#footballpickuplines Doesn't matter what they say you're Juan in a million

— Jimmy (@Jimmyolojede) February 1, 2014

#FootballPickupLines pic.twitter.com/FPUGi5eOxb

— Football Jokes (@LaughingFooty) February 5, 2014


— Mrs.Aveiro (@RMadridGirl_7) February 5, 2014

You should be wearing a football shirt, so I don't have to ask for your name and number. #FootballPickUpLines.

— Sam Coleman (@SamuelColeman93) February 5, 2014

Is your name Yaya because I wanna Toure of your body #FootballPickUpLines @FootyPickUpLine

— Rox Guerrero (@roxguerrero7) February 5, 2014

"I'm like Arsenal in the bedroom. I'll stay on top and still end up finishing second" #FootballPickupLines

— Yeah, Science! (@JackMouu) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickupLines I'm a Lloris driver, will Hugo out with me?

— SILK (@SILK1874) February 5, 2014

my name isn't Lionel but we can get Messi???? #FootballPickupLines

— fari (@fariinasirxo) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickupLines are you Van Persie because you're Robin my heart

— Louis Davies (@LouisDavies18) February 5, 2014

Is your name Jose? Because you're a special one #FootballPickUpLines

— Anfield Cat (@AnfieldCat) February 5, 2014

Girl your last name must be Di Maria, because you're an Angel #FootballPickUpLines

— Anfield Cat (@AnfieldCat) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickupLines Hey girl, you can call me Ronaldinho because I can lob seamen from 40 yards!

— Gareth Bale (@GarethBale22) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickupLines "Is your name Tim? because I Sherwood bang you"

— Connor (@Modern_spurs) February 5, 2014

Is your name Joe Hart because you are simply head and shoulders above the rest. #FootballPickupLines

— Crawford Wall (@CrawfordWall) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickupLines I'll go down on you as easy as Chico

— West Ham News (@WHUFC_News) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickupLines Is your name Richard because you're about to get Dunne

— Talking QPR (@TalkingQPR) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickUpLines Hi I'm Peter Cech, wanna see my helmet?

— Breakfast Percy (@BreakfastPercy) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickUpLines im ched evans, you have no choice in this

— Joshua Kiernan (@JoshuaKiernan2) February 5, 2014

#FootballPickupLines If your name is Gervinho how much do you charge forehead?

— (@FouadYousuf16) February 5, 2014

Hi I'm Ian Ayre. Don't worry, I'm not trying to chat you up, I'm just monitoring you. Chelsea will be along soon though

— Ste H (@stehoare) February 5, 2014


— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) February 4, 2014

Are you publicly bad-mouthing a referee in a post-match interview? Because you've got fine written all over you

— Billie (@Billie_T) February 5, 2014

My favourite #FootballPickUpLines is definitely "Is your name Vincent? Cause I could use some Kompany. ."

— C. (@CharlieeB_x) February 5, 2014