The best Raheem Sterling jokes after Manchester City 1-4 Liverpool

Former fans were keen to let him have it after his £49m move between the two clubs.

Raheem Sterling jokes freely flowed after Manchester City 1-4 Liverpool at the Etihad
LOST: Sterling (Image: Biser Todorov)

The Raheem Sterling jokes freely flowed during Manchester City’s 1-4 defeat to Liverpool at the Etihad as fans were keen to let him have it after his much-discussed £49m move between the two clubs in the summer.

Jürgen Klopp’s newly rejuvenated side overcame an unusually poor City in style and the teenager bore the brunt of the abuse from his former supporters at the Premier League game on Saturday.

These are the best Raheem Sterling jokes from Manchester City 1-4 Liverpool:

Sterling looks like a kid who's won a trip to the Etihad pic.twitter.com/BlnPk3CM8N

— Man United Hub (@ManUnited_Hub) November 21, 2015

Raheem Sterling is looking sharp pic.twitter.com/oZsb3rCmfy

— Deluded Brendan (@DeludedBrendan) November 21, 2015

Liverpool fans to Sterling right now https://t.co/A135oHg9xg #LFC

— Football Tips (@footballtips) November 21, 2015

Raheem Sterling must be feeling like when you run into your ex, hungover and unwashed in the supermarket buying bog roll.

— Iain Stirling (@IainDoesJokes) November 21, 2015

Live footage of Sterling in Clyne's pocket pic.twitter.com/rJqCM86fiB

— Chris (@LFCChris_) November 21, 2015

Sterling right about now: https://t.co/jNrrqKXS1Z

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) November 21, 2015

Raheem Sterling right now. pic.twitter.com/1IvGYkuiFP

— Football Trolls (@Footballltrolls) November 21, 2015

You alright mate, @Sterling7? pic.twitter.com/hsQYTAfHra

— Steven Gerrard (@Gerrard8FanPage) November 21, 2015

Raheem Sterling finally got his song https://t.co/i20xFN6kug

— The_Lil_Magician (@Lil_Magician10) November 21, 2015

BREAKING: Raheem Sterling on the phone to his agent like… pic.twitter.com/ufUMxxHAOn

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) November 21, 2015

Hi @gmpolice I'd like to report a missing person – @sterling7, he was supposed to be in the Etihad stadium for 5.30pm but never showed up.

— Karen (@Karen25_x) November 21, 2015

I thought Liverpool did a sterling job.

— Stevie C (@StevieC_LFC) November 21, 2015

Breaking News: Nathaniel Clyne arrested & being questioned over a missing teenager Raheem Sterling who was last seen near Clyne at Ethihad

— Ƭιмα ❤ LƑƇ (@Bibi89Bibi) November 21, 2015

Scenes at the Etihad Stadium as stewards are still looking for Raheem Sterling after Man City lost 4-1 to Liverpool. pic.twitter.com/Fck9KDXawX

— Jeff 2.7.4™ (@andsjeff) November 22, 2015

Sterling waking up and realising he wears blue instead of red 😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/OTxvjSg0Tk

— Jonny Boy (@JonnoLovesLFC) November 22, 2015

Oh boy that's embarrassing for Raheem Sterling. I wouldn't wanna be him right now 4 – 1 minute. pic.twitter.com/deiQJMwBty

— JΛY BUCKS (@TheMasterBucks) November 22, 2015

Raheem Sterling today… pic.twitter.com/RWlOBUlNJZ

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) November 22, 2015

Alberto Moreno catches up with former teammate Raheem Sterling pic.twitter.com/xeptmG1gKb

— The_Lil_Magician (@Lil_Magician10) November 22, 2015

LFC staff have just ordered the taxis to pick the players up after the match. They forgot Sterling had left and have ordered 1-4 him too 😂😂😂

— Philippe Coutinho (@CoutinhoRed) November 22, 2015

4-1 yenno sterling pic.twitter.com/FScwCTpCjG

— stuartcrilly (@stuartcrilly) November 22, 2015

I've found Raheem Sterling on Black Ops 3! pic.twitter.com/AVfU7pBnAQ

— OP FIFA (@OPFIFA_) November 22, 2015