The best Zlatan goal jokes after Fernando error costs Man City in Paris

Swede accepts gift in Champions League quarter-final first leg.

After celebrating, he can laugh at the Zlatan goal jokes following the Fernando error that led to PSG's equaliser against Man City in the Champions League quarter-final first leg
SCORED VIA FERNANDO: Ibrahimovic (Image: Nazionale Calcio)

These are the best of the Zlatan goal jokes after a Fernando error gifted the PSG striker an equaliser for the hosts as they clashed with Man City in the Champions League quarter-final first leg that finished 2-2 on Wednesday night.

Having already saved a penalty from Ibrahimovic, City stopper Joe Hart was left helpless as a casual Fernando flicked the ball onto his oncoming opponent’s boot after a pass out from goal, sending it rebounding straight into the empty net to make the score 1-1.

Many fans in the UK were left further frustrated as BT Sport’s coverage managed to miss the strike, opting to show a replay at the time instead.

So now here are the Zlatan goal jokes from Paris Saint-Germain 2-2 Manchester City after Fernando’s error enabled Ibrahimovic to score after forty-one minutes.

Zlatan is that good he scores with a tackle

— John Bradley (@JBcommentator) April 6, 2016

Fernando giveth, and Fernando taketh away.

— Jonas Giæver (@CheGiaevara) April 6, 2016

"What was Fernando thinking?"


— Adam Digby (@Adz77) April 6, 2016

Zlatan demanded the ball come to him and therefore it did. That’s how it works.

— Ryan Rosenblatt (@RyanRosenblatt) April 6, 2016

For me Fernando didn't mean to do that

— Obvious Owen (@MrObviousOwen) April 6, 2016

There was something in the air that night, the pass wasn't right, Fernando.

— Paul (@UtdRantcast) April 6, 2016

BT are rude they just said that " They got their noses back in it" as soon as Zlatan scored

— ✨ (@GoonerJaga) April 6, 2016

The real horror show there came from the host broadcaster TV coverage as much as from Fernando. #PSGMCI

— JohnDykes (@JohnDykesUK) April 6, 2016

Tips from Zlatan: Having trouble scoring? Just melt the brain of your opponent and tap it in.

— Brooks Peck (@BrooksDT) April 6, 2016

Zlatan: "I want to score now."

Fernando: "Yes sir." pic.twitter.com/aQCC57j15t

— Sam's Army (@BarstoolSam) April 6, 2016

Fernando sees David Luiz and raises him#PSGvMCFC

— jim shelley (@jimshelley17) April 6, 2016

Absolutely terrified to find out what is next in the Gareth Barry > Javi Garcia > Fernando sequence.

— gaz (@burnagedaydream) April 6, 2016

Hart is legit going to kill Fernando

— Zwe (@ZwebackHD) April 6, 2016

When you stick a tenner on Zlatan to score the next goal. pic.twitter.com/WdVrwznKsQ

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) April 6, 2016

When you're skipping a replay on FIFA and accidentally pass the ball out #Zlatan https://t.co/hx5OH9dldd

— Chris Goulding (@Kristoff1875) April 6, 2016

Not sure if #PSGvMCFC or the World's most stupid defence contest…

— Ridjobrki (@Ridjobrki) April 6, 2016

D-fence in the #PSGvMCFC game pic.twitter.com/5kBoxV2XI8

— Coolcat (@m1897) April 6, 2016

That's why Fernandinho got given the 'inho' and Fernando didn't

— Mesutholic (@Mesutholic) April 6, 2016