The best West Ham Europa League jokes as they fail to reach group stage

Defeat to Romanian side Astra Giurgiu at the London Stadium.

There were lots of West Ham Europa League jokes after their 0-1 defeat to Astra Giurgiu at the London Stadium

These were the best of the West Ham Europa League jokes as they fail to qualify for the group stage of the tournament after a 0-1 defeat to Romanian side Astra Giurgiu at the London Stadium.

Their first competitive loss at the new, partly taxpayer-funded venue could not have come at a worse time as a 1-2 loss on aggregate ensures the club are unable to deliver much-anticipated European football there this season.

As they crash out in the qualifying play-offs to Astra Giurgiu, with continued doubts about the stadium move, here are the best West Ham Europa League jokes:

West Ham are 1-0 down against AFC Astra but Costa should have been sent off.

— Conteholic (@Conteholic) August 25, 2016

West Ham losing to the geezers that built their new Stadium.

— Dodgy Dave (@davidelson_) August 25, 2016

The atmosphere at this stadium is a joke 😂 Astra making all the noise and I ain't talking about the 2 litre in the car park either #WHUAST

— James Muzza (@Original_Muzzy) August 25, 2016

@davidgold Strongest team, lost to a car engine.

— Saint Rhys (@RhysTheSaint) August 25, 2016

@Cfcaway I've had longer holidays in Europe

— Denzil…⚒ (@denzil72) August 25, 2016

West Ham have just been knocked out of the Europa league by Astra Giurgiu. If you don't know who they are, it's some small club from London.

— ️ (@GerardDeulofxu) August 25, 2016

@WestHamUtd Astra driving away with your Europa League place! VROOM VROOM!!!

— Travis Bickle (@AntonioContbae) August 25, 2016

Nothing more embarrassing than losing to a tinpot team in a Europa League qualifier. Thankfully for FC Astra, they didn't.

— Ollie Davis (@Ollie_Davis) August 25, 2016

Who's the bigger club?

RT – Club chocolate bar
Like – West Ham United pic.twitter.com/G5gMQ1GUxH

— Proudiola (@ProudieYT) August 25, 2016

When you think you're a big club but you fail to beat Romanian farmers in Europa league qualifiers pic.twitter.com/UV85AYL2wd

— Drëw (@FirminoSkill) August 25, 2016

Latest from the Europa League… pic.twitter.com/CqcEPBy4hs

— The Oatcake Fanzine (@oatcakescfc) August 25, 2016

We got to the Europa League knockouts with this pic.twitter.com/VynG7pRoNO

— Harry (@hecairns) August 25, 2016

I'm forever blowing Europa league qualifiers

— Michael (@CampoCFC) August 25, 2016

I witnessed West Ham lose 5-0 to forest and then 6-0 to City 3 days later but this is the most embarrassed I have been to support West Ham

— Cartlon Cole (@_CarltonCole9) August 25, 2016

I've been to Andorra, Slovenia & Romania supporting West Ham last two seasons. Seen us win 1 game & score 1 goal in open play. 👎🏻

— Spencer FC (@SpencerOwen) August 25, 2016

Simone Zaza checking the West Ham score on his way to sign for the club… https://t.co/NZZSLBffgk

— Read West Ham (@ReadWestHam) August 25, 2016

Oh dear. "West Ham in Europa"… pic.twitter.com/YWpoN1HICw

— LFC| Live News (@LFC_NEW5) August 25, 2016

West Ham's fans sit so far from the pitch they don't know they've lost yet.

— MrPaulRobinson (@MrPaulRobinson) August 25, 2016

Imagine bringing your kids to a West Ham game wearing a Manchester United shirt…. @WestHam_Central pic.twitter.com/OilGAJhKPj

— kyle (@princekyl) August 25, 2016

West Ham innit? https://t.co/M4F1GCBC54

— Tim (@CookPassTim) August 25, 2016

To the West Ham "fan" I sat next to tonight who asked me what team I supported before West Ham I hope you are now firmly back in your box! 😡

— Hayley Grantham (@mingalina) August 25, 2016

Which is better:
RT for this Golf Club
Like for West Ham pic.twitter.com/A27mg8qSHO

— Al (@P0GB4) August 25, 2016