The best Wenger jokes as Watford FA Cup loss increases fan anger

Cup exit significantly reduces chances of a major trophy for another year.

There were more Arsène Wenger jokes after Arsenal were knocked out of the FA Cup following a 1-2 quarter-final loss to Watford
NOT TRAINING HARD ENOUGH: Wenger (Image: Jason Clogg)

As pressure mounts on Arsenal’s longest-serving manager following his side’s elimination from the FA Cup after a 1-2 quarter-final defeat to Watford at the Emirates, these are the best Arsène Wenger jokes.

With their season now all but over, another year without a major trophy is looking increasingly likely for the Gunners and it seems a significant number of fans are unsupportive of the status quo.

With the Wenger Out movement now in full swing, here are the best of the Wenger jokes as Arsenal exit the FA Cup following a 1-2 quarter-final loss to Watford on Sunday.

When the apocalypse happens, and everything is reduced to dust, through the chaos you'll see Wenger timidly instructing Walcott to warm up.

— Daniel Sandison (@DanielSandison) 13 March 2016

A pic of Arsene Wenger in 2026 and still Arsenal manager 😂 pic.twitter.com/yXaf8NuKb2

— Nettie Fowler (@SpyOnKlopp) 13 March 2016

Wenger and failure. pic.twitter.com/dVVlJcVOAz

— that dada guy. (@Josh__IK) 13 March 2016

The fact there are more than 8,000 Watford fans here is probably helping Wenger in one sense. Harder to detect home fan opprobrium.

— James Olley (@JamesOlley) 13 March 2016

@Arsenal from 0 to wenger out REAL QUICK

— زَيْن (@beardnifico) 13 March 2016

Wenger explaining why he turned up 87 minutes late for today's game. pic.twitter.com/wsBeFOwUZj

— Sunday League (@SundayShoutsFC) 13 March 2016

Arsène Wenger trying to turn Arsenal's season around… pic.twitter.com/y88luSt794

— Sunday League FC (@SundayLeagueFC) 13 March 2016

Typical Wenger, not winning the FA Cup three years in a row.

— Richard Osman (@richardosman) 13 March 2016

If Wenger was a player they'd say his legs have gone

— Glen Little (@GlenLittle07) 13 March 2016

Wenger is like an old dog, even though we've had great memories, it's time take him out back and shoot him, for his own good

— #DiegoSimeone2016 (@OzilForDays) 13 March 2016

When you try to give Wenger a trophy pic.twitter.com/oqrJqp6syj

— Masaku (@masaku_) 13 March 2016

@WelBeast Wenger is Pharaoh. God will send Moses soon to lead us to the promise land.

— BossUprealQuick (@ugflair) 13 March 2016

If Wenger escapes this season without the sack, it will be the greatest escape since El Chapo broke out of jail.

— Lee Gunner (@LeeGunner82) 13 March 2016

Good Luck Arsenal pic.twitter.com/yP28C0immr

— Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) 13 March 2016

Wenger is so bad he's turned our fans into WWE superstars.

— Connor (@BelIerin) 13 March 2016

You either retire a hero, or live long enough to become the villain. Arsène Wenger.

— Wilshoholic (@Wilshoholic) 13 March 2016

I'd love to ask Arsene Wenger 1996 what he thinks of Arsene Wenger 2016

— Bergkamp & Bergkamp (@Orangeiceman10) 13 March 2016

We've got to 3rd with our players not even playing for Wenger. Imagine what an ACTUAL football manager would achieve?

— Jayy (@J_Arsenal21) 13 March 2016

@ChampionsLeague Lol atleast Wenger never stops cracking me up.

— Assist Wizard (@ArsenalsCannon) 13 March 2016

Arsenal fans to Wenger. https://t.co/skWoJkCU2i

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) 13 March 2016

IMO Wenger the over indulgent father (aren't we all…) who never send his kids to bed hungry however many times they're warned & transgress

— Mark Pougatch (@markpougatch) 13 March 2016

Wenger getting dragged out by the fans pic.twitter.com/w372sRCEXc

— . (@_TheARSENALway_) 13 March 2016

Arsene Wenger will leave when he decides to leave and not when a mobile deejay with a banner for curtains tells him to

— Nice One Charlie (@AFC_Bam) 13 March 2016