The best Vincent Tan jokes as Cardiff owner sacks Malky Mackay

The best Vincent Tan jokes after the inevitable happened and the Cardiff City owner sacked manager Malky Mackay.

The best Vincent Tan jokes as Cardiff owner sacks Malky Mackay
Tan’s new man? (Image: Twitter/TheSPORTBible)

After the inevitable happened and Cardiff’s pantomime villain of an owner sacked Malky Mackay on Friday, we collect the best Vincent Tan jokes.

In perhaps the final act of a bemusing dispute between the 2 parties, Mackay was relieved of his duties as Cardiff City manager yesterday following a 3-0 home defeat at the hands of Southampton on Boxing Day.

Hence, to bring you cheer over the festive season, it is time for the Vincent Tan jokes!

America, meet Vincent Tan, the worst owner in sports http://t.co/4aBpxonbbK pic.twitter.com/g4ankXPqZs

— For The Win (@forthewin) December 26, 2013

Vincent Tan has sacked Malky Mackay. pic.twitter.com/xSeADY2gQK

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) December 27, 2013

I liked Vincent tan without his tash #hangover pic.twitter.com/XGrCItOkWH

— Robert snodgrass (@robsnodgrass7) December 27, 2013

Before you have a go at Vincent Tan, ask yourselves how many times Malky Makay won the World Cup for Cardiff City? Answer: 0 Exactly

— Max Rushden (@maxrushden) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan is the most backed man in the #CardiffCity manager market at the moment, he's into 40/1 from 100/1! –> http://t.co/ERYdrUPA1F

— Sky Bet (@SkyBet) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan is down to 20-1 with Sky Bet to be the next Cardiff manager. Shorter odds than AVB, Di Matteo and Di Canio. (Source: SkyBet)

— Transfer News Live (@DeadlineDayLive) December 27, 2013

Listen, Vincent Tan isn't going to hire himself unless we build some momentum and make it happen. So come on – #VincentTanIn

— The Football Ramble (@FootballRamble) December 27, 2013

Today I submit transfer request! It say 'PLEASE TRANSFER MOYES CARDIFF!' I send same to Vincent Tan. I no mention Moyes never win trophy :)

— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan – The Worst Football Owner - Changes Club Colours - Changes Crest - Hires Unknown Staff - Emails Mackay To Resign - Sacks Mackay

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan is unopposed. He can do anything he wants. We are in 'appointing your horse to the imperial senate' territory now, people.

— Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh) December 27, 2013

@RodneyMarsh10 Vincent Tan adopted a leopard… he made it change its spots!!!

— Chris Gill (@ChrisGill9) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan looks like he swallowed Flubber and it got stuck in his neck and died there

— Alex May (@AlMay93) December 27, 2013

He's fat He's vile He'll sack you Gangnam Style Vincent Tan Vincent Tan!

— Gareth Bale (@GarethBale22) December 27, 2013

Wonder if Cardiff new manager is going to be owner Vincent Tan brother Spray?!

— Stotty Official (@StottyOfficial) December 27, 2013

Lmao seen this on wiki earlier about Vincent Tan pic.twitter.com/rxTOM1Tpf1

— Lee. (@GTEazyx) December 27, 2013

I hope Vincent Tan makes himself #ccfc manager and then publicly executes any player who plays shit

— Chris White (@chriswvtr) December 27, 2013

I know evrrryting. I'll be manager. Fuck you all I do what I want #Moneytalks

— Vincent Tan (@VincentTan_NOT) December 27, 2013

Breaking News: New Cardiff manager revealed pic.twitter.com/5lgz5beCBM

— TheSPORTBible (@TSBible) December 27, 2013

Malky Mackay sacked for "washing club s dirty linen in public" by Vincent Tan. He managed that with a straight face too !

— Ian Darke (@IanDarke) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan everybody pic.twitter.com/L32staq3pe

— Football Quotes (@FootballQuote_) December 27, 2013

Some more idiocy from Vincent Tan… pic.twitter.com/HV6VXjYzGa

— TheSPORTBible (@TSBible) December 27, 2013

Malky Mackay has been sacked by Vincent Tan's trousers

— Gary (@Garyredmond412) December 27, 2013

can categorically deny #safc fans are planning a special Vincent Tan tribute tomorrow. They've always worn replica shirts and dress pants…

— The Spezial One (@OllyverTweet) December 27, 2013

next Cardiff manager betting 4/6 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 4/1 Vincent Tan's cousin 4/1 Vincent Tan's daughter 10/1 Vincent Tan

— Sportsbook-uk.com (@Sportsbook_uk) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan is the Nastiest Man in the Entire Whole Werld, Ever #YNWA #JusticeForMalky pic.twitter.com/JkFzSfsW5T

— Mister Ron (@Angriffhund) December 27, 2013

Think vincent tan should hand out them free red scarfs again and everything will be just fine #redbirds #soldyoursoul

— Daveeee? (@Lurchooo) December 27, 2013

I think Vincent tan just wants someone who will respect his authority

— Greg (@Hodgo94) December 27, 2013

FOOTBALL EXCLUSIVE: Mackay got sacked because Vincent Tan is in the Illuminati pic.twitter.com/sd4B5BaESq

— Çarlton Çole (@_CarltonCole9) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan should have won Sports Personality of the year

— Traff (@traff0rd) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan has a message for Malky McKay and Cardiff City fans… But it's not a good one! pic.twitter.com/6ElerNML89

— 888sport (@888sportbets) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan right now pic.twitter.com/MCITU308ln

— Gareth Bale (@GarethBale22) December 27, 2013

A summary of Vincent Tan's statement to the Cardiff faithful: http://t.co/mShXjgIUXl

— Kev Darton (@kevdarton) December 27, 2013

Would love to see Vincent tan make himself the new Cardiff manager what a laugh then he can sack himself #crazycunt

— STEVEN (@JohnstonStef) December 27, 2013

Rooney tell team Vincent Tan is Uncle of Kagawa. He say I ask him sack Moyes! If I could kill only 1 person it would be Rooney,..& Januzaj!

— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) December 23, 2013

Malky Mackay and Vincent Tan pic.twitter.com/5I7VuegfKI

— Face Swaps (@FootyFaceSwap) December 27, 2013

Intriguing to see who Vincent Tan replaces Mackay with. He's keeping his cards close to his chest at the moment. Just like his trouser belt.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) December 27, 2013

Vincent Tan right now… pic.twitter.com/88snId9LnI

— Andre Villas-Boas (@AndreVillyB) December 27, 2013

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