The best tweets and jokes from Netherlands vs Costa Rica

A night that ended in heartbreak for the Costa Ricans may be cheered by this selection of tweets.

These Dutch supporters will love the best tweets and jokes from Netherlands vs Costa Rica
Hurrah for the jokes! (Image: Football.ua)

As another World Cup game was decided on penalties, these are the best tweets and jokes from Netherlands vs Costa Rica.

A thrilling period of extra-time and a valiant effort from the Central American darlings of the competition ensured that the final quarter-final in Brazil finished with style.

Holland eventually won the penalty shoot-out after the score was left at 0-0 by the end of normal time.

Experience the game all over again with the best tweets and jokes from Netherlands vs Costa Rica:

Danny Murphy looks like he's all set for a night of standing menacingly outside a an off-licence. #BrazilNuts pic.twitter.com/lkGyYkcZYO

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 5, 2014

When did we stop calling "The Netherlands", Holland? #NEDvsCRC

— The • Steve (@DarthCoffeeus) July 5, 2014

We all know who the real winner of this #NEDvsCRC game is, this kid: #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/gwWPATjimB

— Travon Free (@Travon) July 5, 2014

All the boys want to be him. All the girls want to kiss him. Player. #NEDvsCRC #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/9EV4DUh4E0

— craig stone (@craigstone_) July 5, 2014

Serious human rights violation: #Egypt govt cuts off electricity to my block just as #NetherlandsvsCostaRica begins!!!

— Borzou Daragahi (@borzou) July 5, 2014

This is for you Robben! #NEDvsCRC #FifaWorldCup pic.twitter.com/vmCqmIG6x8

— Mike R. (@mikeyR11) July 5, 2014

I'm all for Robben leading the Dutch gymnastics team in the next Olympics. One should be surprised if he doesn't win a gold. #NEDvsCRC

— Anup Kaphle (@AnupKaphle) July 5, 2014

Memphis Depay thinking he can win the #WorldCup with just one shot…https://t.co/o0YOynV7nN #NED #CRC

— FTBpro (@FTBpro) July 5, 2014

Football's much more fun to watch when it's played without a referee like Brazil v Columbia #NEDvsCRC

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) July 5, 2014

Netherlands clearly hoping to win tonight by boring the Costa Rica players to death #WorldCup2014 #NEDvsCRC

— Miracle Of Sound (@miracleofsound) July 5, 2014

Gosh this game is so slow, can you imagine how slow if must be for the stoners in the Amsterdam cafés…? #NEDvsCRC

— Adil Ray (@adilray) July 5, 2014

Not saying this match is dull but it's like watching England v England #NEDvsCRC

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) July 5, 2014

Clearly the goalposts were paid off by Costa Rica. That’s the best explanation for how #NED failed to score there. #NEDvsCRC

— Ben Parr (@benparr) July 5, 2014

Louis is zo weer bij u terug met het geheime wapen. Geen stress. #NEDvsCRC #nedcos #NED pic.twitter.com/wTHU4TWTlz

— Olaf (@OlafDV) July 5, 2014

Ochoa + Howard + Navas should form their own superhero team. They’d save everybody. #NEDvsCRC (Thanks for pointing out I forgot Ochoa!)

— Ben Parr (@benparr) July 5, 2014

Robben gets more calls than Josh Gordon's drug dealer #NEDvsCRC

— Fake SportsCenter (@FakeSportsCentr) July 5, 2014

#NEDvsCRC The agony. pic.twitter.com/LtyartMEG4

— Olaf (@OlafDV) July 5, 2014

Transcendent goalkeeping has been the best part of this World Cup, by far. #NEDvsCRC

— Ben Parr (@benparr) July 5, 2014

"Jurassic Park happened on a fictitious islet off of Costa Rica." – me to everyone every time Costa Rica plays #NEDvsCRC

— Adam Newman (@Adam_Newman) July 5, 2014

A great photo, the fact that Acosta completely mis-kicked it is irrelevant: http://t.co/5iTAhtDhCB #NEDvsCRC pic.twitter.com/NuSNp1ZbS1

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) July 5, 2014

After not being the best World Cup ever for 100 minutes this is now officially the best World Cup ever again #NEDvsCRC

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) July 5, 2014


— Max Bretos (@mbretosESPN) July 5, 2014

Finally, a picture of Costa Rica keeper Keylor Navas that hasn't been photoshopped. pic.twitter.com/UJvhKdpJd5

— Efõ Shepherd Pïdho ? (@Pidho1) July 5, 2014

Let's not forget that the GK shootout sub worked perfectly in Mighty Ducks 2. #NEDvsCRC

— Thomas Floyd (@thomasfloyd10) July 5, 2014

Neymar predicts Netherlands will miss 2 penalties. #NEDvsCRC pic.twitter.com/bb699mrPYp

— BreakingNews.ie (@breakingnewsie) July 5, 2014

Me doing penalty kicks #NEDvsCRC pic.twitter.com/DBGWOl3Lty

— Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth) July 5, 2014

Total Goalkeeping & Total Trash-Talk from Tim Krul. #NEDvsCRC

— Ned Zelic (@NedZelic) July 5, 2014

It's a Krul game #NEDvsCRC

— Jim White (@JimWhite) July 5, 2014

A very Krul exit for #CRC but the better Tim carried the day! #NEDvsCRC

— Joe Ageyo (@jageyo) July 5, 2014

Cillessen kept a clean sheet for 120 minutes and is going to be the 3rd most praised keeper from this match. #NEDvsCRC

— GCS Recruitment (@GCSRecruitment) July 5, 2014

That Dutch goalkeeper was like some weird animal they let out of a cage at the end of a movie. #NEDvsCRC

— Andy Donohue (@add) July 5, 2014

'Thank you for making me look like a genius': http://t.co/5iTAhtDhCB #NEDvsCRC pic.twitter.com/ihgF5zTwOd

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) July 5, 2014

Surely if Louis Van Gaal was such a tactical genius, #NEDvsCRC would never have gone as far as even Extra Time? #WorldCup

— Prad Patel (@praddles) July 5, 2014

Costa Rica right now #NEDvsCRC pic.twitter.com/ooaSyRdGxG

— Ash Ketchum (@AshKetchumTime) July 5, 2014