The best Tim Sherwood sacked jokes after Aston Villa exit

Run of six straight league defeats prompted departure after just eight months at the club.

After six straight league defeats as Aston Villa manager led to his departure, the Tim Sherwood sacked jokes were in
SACKED: Sherwood (Image: Brian Minkoff-London Pixels)

Here are the best Tim Sherwood sacked jokes we could find following his departure from Aston Villa after just eight months in charge of the club.

A dismal run of six straight Premier League defeats culminating in a 1-2 home loss to Swansea City on Saturday prompted the manager’s exit.

Recapturing many of our favourite moments from his time at Aston Villa, these are the best Tim Sherwood sacked jokes:

Wonder if Tim Sherwood thinks Tim Sherwood isn't quite as good as Tim Sherwood thought he was, yet?

— DavidLaw (@DavidLawTennis) October 24, 2015

I rate Tim Sherwood. At some stage he's managed to convince people he's a football manager. Not sure how, or when. But fair play.

— JB™ (@gunnerpunner) October 24, 2015

BREAKING: Tim Sherwood has left Aston Villa! pic.twitter.com/KEpKPoULmF

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 25, 2015

'Stevenage are a massive club, I will get them back where they deserve to be' Sherwood, 2016

— Billie (@Billie_T) October 25, 2015

Brutal response from the Aston Villa club shop to Tim Sherwood's sacking. #AVFC pic.twitter.com/1tXRo1mS8D

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 25, 2015

I wasn't a fan of that daft waistcoat thing that Sherwood used to wear. "You what?" he said incredulously. "Gilet's the best a man can get."

— Kevin Keegan (@GalacticKeegan) October 25, 2015

Poor Tim. https://t.co/TOsc0VLz2W

— ManUnitedTalk (@ManUnitedTalk) October 25, 2015

Bet Sherwood nicked all the pens from his office when he left, he had the last laugh

— Billie (@Billie_T) October 25, 2015

Finally, they came for Sherwood pic.twitter.com/BeHdWxW57d

— SportsJOE.ie (@SportsJOEdotie) October 25, 2015

There's an FA conspiracy to ensure Allardyce & Sherwood aren't on the dole at the same time, as they'd almost certainly move in together.

— Daniel Sandison (@DanielSandison) October 25, 2015

Tactics Tim #Sherwood gets the sack by #AVFC! We'll always have this GIF at least. pic.twitter.com/RCu1Emb6FL

— KICKTV (@KICKTV) October 25, 2015

Tim Sherwood. Two jobs. Two sackings. That's a 100 per cent ratio.

— Jonathan Liew (@jonathanliew) October 25, 2015

Still feel #Sherwood deserved more time when he was capable of miracles like this… #Wizard https://t.co/HaJq2mnipN

— Colossus Bets (@ColossusBets) October 25, 2015

Announce Sherwood @ChelseaFC

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) October 26, 2015