The best Tim Krul pass to Ashley Young jokes

Dutch goalkeeper does his erstwhile international manager a favour with late howler.

Tim Krul, subject of the Tim Krul pass to Ashley Young jokes
TWIST OF FATE: Krul (Image: Jon Candy)

Get a load of the best Tim Krul pass to Ashley Young jokes after the Newcastle goalkeeper gifted the Man Utd winger a late winner at St James’s Park.


Louis van Gaal memorably introduced Krul as an extra time substitute just before Holland’s World Cup quarter-final against Costa Rica went to penalties, and the Red Devils boss will again be grateful to his compatriot after this costly blunder.

The FA needs to get busy asap… What is the meaning of this nonsense.. KRUL must be investigated. https://t.co/eXnjcselF0

— F. O. D LIVES ON… (@XANTAPLUS) March 4, 2015

Now relax, put your feet up and enjoy the best Tim Krul pass to Ashley Young jokes that Twitter’s always-quick-off-the-mark peanut gallery had to offer…

We can't thank you enough. Krul pic.twitter.com/A0QrUuFSnK

— Charbel (@CharbelYAkoury) March 4, 2015

real story of the night is that Krul had another pair of orange shorts on under his orange shorts pic.twitter.com/jxsJCrQJMZ

— charlie (@Ordnances) March 4, 2015

Good to see Krul bring back the Barthez self inflicted punishment wedgie after a big mistake. pic.twitter.com/FcbZ8c3fsY

— Darren Richman (@darrenrichman) March 4, 2015

Everybody looking at Krul like…. https://t.co/z6q506ujQq

— Louis Smith (@LouiSmith94) March 4, 2015

cant wait to see the 60 page document and 7 diagrams of how LVG got Krul to pass the ball to Young

— Lewis (@Lewbob91) March 4, 2015