The best Thomas Müller to Man Utd jokes as move is mooted

Twitter cracks wise in response to dubious Sunday Express report.

Thomas Müller to Man Utd? He's listening...
LISTENING: Müller (Image: 慕尼黑啤酒)

Come revel in the best Thomas Müller to Man Utd jokes in response to the Sunday Express’s latest ‘exclusive’ about the Bayern Munich star.

Despite an opposition to freedom of movement across EU borders in keeping with its UKIP leanings, the Sunday Express is keen to promote the idea that the German wants to move to Old Trafford.

They’re even claiming that Müller has “confided in friends” about it, fuelling speculation that they’re just making it up as they go along.

We couldn’t possibly comment on that, so have a look at the report and judge for yourselves…

Thomas Muller headline on the Sunday Express pic.twitter.com/jxVjSe272E

— StrettyNews.com (@StrettyNews) August 16, 2015

This of course comes in the wake of Müller scoring twice in Bayern’s 5-0 routing of Hamburger SV on the opening day of the Bundesliga.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the best Thomas Müller to Man Utd jokes that Twitter had to offer as it cracked wise in its customary fashion…

No, we have absolutely no idea how The Sunday Express would know what Thomas Muller had confided in friends.

— Sport Witness (@Sport_Witness) August 16, 2015

For a newspaper that can't stand EU immigrants, the Daily Express sure has an obsession with German footballer Thomas Muller…

— Stefan Bienkowski (@SBienkowski) August 15, 2015

Thomas Muller is the most Bavarian man alive. If he goes to United I will literally eat my toes off.

— Terry McGinnis (@strawberrydan) August 15, 2015

If United sign Thomas Muller, I'll cover myself in Branston Pickle and have a strangle wank on top of Blackpool Tower.

— ant (@FattusAntus) August 15, 2015

Here's to eight more solid years of Thomas Muller rumours, you guys. A Wes Sneijds for a new generation.

— Paul (@UtdRantcast) August 14, 2015

@gary302 more chance of signing Muller yoghurt than Thomas Muller.

— simon renwick (@simon3677) August 16, 2015