The best Thomas Müller slip jokes after free kick fail

A disastrous-looking German set-piece during the World Cup last-16 clash with Algeria saw him fall over.

Thomas Müller slip jokes were everywhere after this German's free kick fail against Algeria
SLIPPED: Müller (Image: Football.ua)

After a disastrous-looking German set-piece in which he fell over while attempting to run over the ball for a free kick, these are the best Thomas Müller slip jokes from the match against Algeria.

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An exciting last-16 tie was marred by a free kick that came straight off the training ground, but didn’t quite come off on the pitch.

Although he didn’t score during the 2-1 World Cup win, the 24-year-old put in a great performance and this incident ensured that he was still the most-discussed player on the field.

Check out the best Thomas Müller slip jokes below:

Unbelievable dive from Muller. No one anywhere near him.

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) June 30, 2014

Thought Muller was going for the 20 yard diving header there

— FUTWIZ (@FUTWIZ) June 30, 2014

Muller with his best impression of Gerrard

— Ben Colmer (@BenColmer96) June 30, 2014

"And now the bit of the freekick where I collapse into the ground." #GERvsALG

— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) June 30, 2014

Thomas Muller free kick routine https://t.co/S6PF5TW5gY

— Golf Club Wankers (@GolfClubWankers) June 30, 2014

When Muller tripped in the run up to that free kick, it was the sound of a million Vines being made at once. #WorldCup

— Shane Hegarty (@shanehegarty) June 30, 2014

The Algerians have terrified the Germans at the extent that they can't even run over the top of a ball. #Müller

— Seleção Brasileira (@BrazilStats) June 30, 2014

Muller forgot to bring the banana prop for that free kick trick. #GERvsALG

— Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) June 30, 2014

Muller's mum currently shouting: "Shoelaces Thomas!" At the TV from her home in Germany #GERvsALG pic.twitter.com/FnjrE6e7Qv

— Stuart Rowson (@StuartRowson) June 30, 2014

The audacity by Müller to take the piss out of Gerrard during aWorld Cup game.

— AlexFortyNine (@AlexFortyNine) June 30, 2014

Steven Gerrard at it again ?? #GERvsALG pic.twitter.com/bZqwNCUSEr

— A Simple Servant © (@HMS_Abedi) June 30, 2014

Keep the Muller slip? http://t.co/xlym30Zksh pic.twitter.com/ncj5c7bNl9

— FUTWIZ (@FUTWIZ) June 30, 2014

Muller plays football different than most… pic.twitter.com/uArCqXtIVa

— GOLTV (@GolTV) June 30, 2014

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