The best ter Stegen jokes as Barcelona goalkeeper is caught off his line

Roma defender Florenzi's long-range effort found the goalie way out off his area.

There were Marc-André ter Stegen jokes after the Barca keeper was caught out by Roma defender Florenzi's long-range lob
(Image: Clément Bucco-Lechat)

After Roma defender Alessandro Florenzi’s audacious long-range lob found the Barcelona goalkeeper way out of his area, these are the best Marc-André ter Stegen jokes.

The extraordinary 29th minute strike in the Champions League Group E tie stunned everyone, not least ter Stegen himself.

Don’t miss the Marc-André ter Stegen jokes from Barcelona’s 1-1 draw with Roma at the Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday night:


— infosmessi (@infosmessi) September 16, 2015

Marc-André ter Stegen (1992-2015). Remember him in your prayers. pic.twitter.com/zwjFvfg4Vz

— hash (@hashim0307) September 16, 2015

Only way to keep Ter Stegen near to his net pic.twitter.com/em3z154bwc

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) September 16, 2015

Wait so if everyone is asking people to stop blaming Ter Stegen, then who is blaming Ter Stegen?

— Chief (@BarcaChief) September 16, 2015

Jens Lehmann: "Neuer is great but Ter Stegen must just be better than Manuel football-wise." pic.twitter.com/jy7zfq2fjl

— M.A.J (@UltraSuristic) September 16, 2015

The moment Ter Stegen realized he would NEVER be Manuel Neuer…😆 pic.twitter.com/kSKIwxaJdt

— BAYERN SQUAD (@FCBayernSquad) September 16, 2015

Live picture of Ter Stegen from 2nd half (Via: @3FLnQe ) pic.twitter.com/er6oKNm5gr

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) September 16, 2015

Ya'll pray for my cousin Ter Stegen. Ain't nothing wrong with him he just concedes goals from the halfway line. pic.twitter.com/r7HI6Xahvc

— THAT CULÉ NAMED NAZ (@FCNazalona) September 16, 2015

#PhotoOfTheDay: The look on Ter Stegen's face as it flew in! #Florenzi pic.twitter.com/P0aNn4vBsp

— GazzettaWorld (@GazzettaWorld) September 16, 2015