The best Sunderland count jokes as city wins race to declare

Inevitable comparisons with the local football team.

Sunderland count jokes and comparisons with the football team were inevitable after the city won the race to declare their general election results
FAST: Sunderland (Image: Sterock85)

Thrust into the limelight once again this season, check out this selection of the best Sunderland count jokes as the city wins the race to be the first to declare their results in the 2015 general election.

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The first three declarations of the night all emanated from Sunderland – Labour held all three seats while the Lib Dems lost their deposit in each.

But the real fun was to be had in comparisons with the local football team…

Here are the best Sunderland count jokes from vote night 2015:

HOLD EVERYTHING… They do the counting at the "Sunderland Tennis Centre"? Who wants the "Adam Johnson 15 Love" joke..??

— NUFCThreatLevel (@NUFCThreatLevel) May 7, 2015

What a pity Sunderland and Newcastle's football teams aren't as well organised as their vote-counters!

— Danny Kelly (@dannykellywords) May 7, 2015

If Sunderland were as good at football as they are at counting bits of paper, they'd really be in business.

— Jim Royle (@SirJimRoyle) May 7, 2015

1-0 to Sunderland it is then….

— Natalie Sawyer (@nataliesawyer) May 7, 2015

@Ian_Ladyman_DM not like Sunderland to be first on the scoreboard.

— Andy Dunn (@AndyDunn_SM) May 7, 2015

Incredible scenes. Sunderland leading 2-0 for the first time this season.

— Coral (@Coral) May 7, 2015

Incredible scenes in Sunderland, it's now 3-0… Can they make it 4 and aid their bid to avoid relegation? #GE2015

— Christopher. (@chrisminten) May 7, 2015

The Sunderland folk like to go home early….rather like at the Stadium of Light.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) May 7, 2015

They get through election results like they get through football managers in Sunderland

— John Bradley (@JBcommentator) May 7, 2015

28 – Sunderland have won all 28 Premier League games in which they've had a lead of 3+ goals. Declared.

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) May 7, 2015

Dozed off and woke up to hear Sunderland were 3-0 up…quickly realised I wasn't watching Match Of The Day

— Kevin Horlock (@Kevinhorlock6) May 7, 2015

The only seats I've seen held in Sunderland were thrown at me a moment after.

— NUFCThreatLevel (@NUFCThreatLevel) May 7, 2015