The best suggestions for #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

The best suggestions for #RoyKeaneFilmTitles as Rockmount, a short film based on an 11-year-old Roy Keane, is announced.

Roy Keane signs autographs good practice for when Rockmount, a film based on his life, is released - others have come up with alternative #RoyKeaneFilmTitles
MOVIE STAR: Keane (Image: Vintagekits)

The announcement that a film based on former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane was to be made led to numerous possible title suggestions on Twitter using the #RoyKeaneFilmTitles hashtag.

We can all look forward to seeing this movie:

Roy Keane is a small but demonic eleven-year-old in 1980s Cork. He needs to get on the starting eleven for his football club, and nothing is going to get in his way.

After football website Balls.ie published news of the film and tweeted their own Lord of the Rings-based proposal, the hashtag was born and more ideas soon rolled in.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Keane #RoyKeaneFilmsTitles

— Balls.ie (@ballsdotie) January 15, 2014

The moving picture short will actually be called Rockmount, but that won’t stop these tweeps.

Check out our favourite Roy Keane film title suggestions:

@ballsdotie Hålander #roykeanefilmtitles

— Seán Marron (@veggiefag) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie about a roy #roykeanefilmtitles

— Trev Keane (@trevkeane) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie keane of thrones #roykeanefilmstitles

— Rian Carroll (@Rian_carroll98) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie Roy Story #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— Stephen Sweeney (@SweeneySteve74) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie Citizen Keane #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— Andy Lee (@AndyLeeBoxing) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie Paroynormal Activity #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— Joe Harrington (@JoeRedFM) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie Kick him Like Keano #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— Mick O' Sullivan (@mick2484) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie Finding Keano, Roy Story, Keane's List, Triggs Unchained

— Danny Fahy (@dfahy_) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie The Lion Keane

— Daniel Friel (@ohdannyboy16) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie Deck The Haalands #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— Ed Ryan (@E_Diddy) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie There's Something About Fergie #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— Ashley Cahill (@cahill_ashley) January 15, 2014

@ballsdotie Roy Keane & The Prawn Sandwich Making Factory

— Liam Scahill (@Sir_Scatman) January 15, 2014

The Keane Mile #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— lukecoady (@coadyluke) January 15, 2014

Die Hard You C***

— Kevin Byrne (@KevooByrne) January 15, 2014

Dial K for Keano #RoyKeaneFilmTitles

— James O'Donoghue (@odonoghuejames) January 15, 2014

We Need to Talk About Roy

— Michael Stack (@stack_mike) January 15, 2014