The best Steven Gerrard birthday jokes as Villa ruin FA Cup final goodbye

Semi-final defeat means his last game for the club will not be a dream FA Cup final on his 35th birthday.

The Liverpool's captain's send-off celebrations have been cut short by the 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa in the FA Cup semi-final, he might want to avoid the Steven Gerrard birthday jokes for now
RUINED: Gerrard’s birthday (Image: Biser Todorov)

Don’t miss these Steven Gerrard birthday jokes as the Liverpool captain’s hopes of a dream FA final on his 35th birthday in his last season at the club were dashed by defeat to Aston Villa in the semi-final.

The stage was set for the Liverpudlian legend’s final game for the club to be the FA Cup final itself, but he was powerless to prevent his side’s exit from the competition as Tim Sherwood’s newly rejuvenated troops recorded an unlikely 2-1 win at Wembley on Sunday.

As his perfect send-off is ruined, check out the best Steven Gerrard birthday jokes after Aston Villa beat Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup semi-final:

Ah well. Maybe the FA should let Gerrard present the trophy? That would still be a good send off.

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) April 19, 2015

Liverpool had better start rifling through the Argos catalogue to find Steven Gerrard an alternative birthday present.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 19, 2015

Did anyone ask Gerrard if he wants to play at Wembley on his birthday? Maybe he already has plans?

— LFCNY (@LFCNY) April 19, 2015

Gerrard can now enjoy his birthday without having to work.

— SheWoreAYellowRibbon (@SheWore) April 19, 2015

Breaking: Steven Gerrard's 35th birthday is no longer of relevance.

— Archie Rhind-Tutt (@archiert1) April 19, 2015

Steven Gerrard's birthday falls on the same day as the FA Cup final. What a fitting send off it would be if someone can get him a ticket.

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) April 19, 2015

So Gerrard doesn't get "the sendoff he deserves". And that ironically sums up his career in the best possible way.

— Red (@ThatBoyGiggsy) April 19, 2015

Shame really, cause I was looking forward to seeing Gerrard lose a cup final on his birthday.

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) April 19, 2015

Spare a thought for the real losers today: the producers who spent 70 hours working on a Steven Gerrard pre-final montage

— Wile E Kouyaté (@tomvictor) April 19, 2015

0 – Number of trophies Steven Gerrard will win on his birthday this year. Bumps.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) April 19, 2015

Apparently Gerrard is now going bowling then to TGI Fridays for his birthday.

— Jason Bent (@Jason9Bent) April 19, 2015

When you re about to destroy Steven Gerrard's dream https://t.co/aMc3iiih1W

— Tarek Tamo (@TarekTamo) April 19, 2015

Slight change of plan for the Gerrard birthday bash pic.twitter.com/9zdeX9alFo

— Sunday League FC (@SundayLeagueFC) April 19, 2015

Slight amendments to Steven Gerrard's birthday party invite…#LFC pic.twitter.com/ubGkJH14sA

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 19, 2015