The best Steve Bruce cabbage jokes as Aston Villa supporter throws vegetable at manager

Assailant reportedly shouted, "This is what you've reduced us to!"

There were various Steve Bruce cabbage jokes, tweets and puns after a fan threw the vegetable at the Aston Villa manager during a match against Preston
(Image: PEXELS)

Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce had a cabbage thrown at him by one of the home fans during a 3-3 draw with Preston at Villa Park on Tuesday night.

Said to have been in the 84th minute, with the scores level and the hosts reduced to ten men, an eyewitness told the Birmingham Mail:

It was produced out of a white plastic bag and thrown towards Bruce by angry fan.

He shouted, “This is what you’ve reduced us to!”


The 57-year-old coach is under pressure following a poor start to the season in the Championship.

After the final whistle, his view was that “to say it’s disappointing is an understatement”:

I find the whole thing hugely disrespectful.

Unfortunately, it sums up the society we are in at the moment.

There’s no respect for anyone.

Certainly for someone like the bloke who is being questioned… I’m surprised he knew what a cabbage was.

These were the best Steve Bruce cabbage jokes and tweets we could find after the incident involving the Aston Villa manager:


Steve Bruce denied the cabbage hit him, he said it was there or thereabouts and had the makings of a good throw #avfc

— The Villa Post (@thevillapost) October 2, 2018

Bruce then immediately put it in the first team and asked it to be a tomato

— Gibbo (@G1880) October 2, 2018


Bruce has offered the cabbage a 3 year deal

— Alex Smith (@alexdsmiff) October 2, 2018

He'll chop that up and have it on his kebab later.

— Craig Moore (@craigmoore02) October 2, 2018

Bet he was gutted they didn't chuck a pita bread, kebab meat and chilli sauce as well

— David spark (@davidspark7) October 2, 2018

Steve Bruce presser after 3-3 with Preston.

‘I’m not fussed about 1 cabbage, there’s 30,000 of them here every week’

Borrowed time #avfc

— Badger (@Dan_Badger) October 2, 2018


Cannot get over the fact a man has literally taken a cabbage to a football match to throw at Steve Bruce. Wallet, keys, season ticket, cabbage, let’s go. If they’d won would he have brought it home? “Didn’t need the cabbage tonight love, it’s back in the fridge”

— Arron (@ArronBlade90) October 2, 2018

I think we've got the makings of a very decent greengrocers.

— Villa Views (@VillaViews_) October 2, 2018

'Brian, why the f*ck have you brought a cabbage with you?'

'You'll see.' pic.twitter.com/y33Fh07Trs

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 2, 2018

Is Steve Bruce smuggling the cabbage home as evidence here? pic.twitter.com/duWBDhhgDP

— Andrew Beasley (@BassTunedToRed) October 2, 2018



I think someone threw a leek at our defence as well

— Dean Beagan (@DeanBeagan) October 2, 2018

Closest Bruce has ever come to eating a vegetable.

— Toby Fair (@TopTopPundit) October 2, 2018

Well he asked me if I could play CB

— Previously known as the Cabbage. (@AstonCabbage) October 2, 2018


Steve Bruce says several cabbages were thrown and they all hit him in the eye, so he's now wearing a patch #AVFC

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) October 3, 2018

Steve Bruce will visit a local police station later today, in an attempt to identify the cabbage thrown at him last night. pic.twitter.com/3Aq9XLyRzj

— FPL Partridge (@FPL_Partridge) October 3, 2018

Which department special brunch

— Anthony Mahoney (@AnthonyMahoney3) October 3, 2018


This is a gem

— Matty McGreal (@MattyMcGreal) October 3, 2018

Police in the West Midlands are saying that the spectator who threw the cabbage at Steve Bruce will be given a life ban from Villa Park, so far 17,894 fans have rang up to confess.

— Jimmy Lyons (@jimmydewsbury) October 3, 2018



Steve Bruce he's manager of the V*lla

— Robbo BCFC⚽ (@Robbo_BCFC) October 2, 2018

Lettuce leaf

— Smooth Brained to Fuck (@yodontbanmepls) October 3, 2018